Gerry Lang was the director of Arkham Asylum.


Lang berated Jim Gordon, who had been sent to Arkham Asylum as punishment by Mayor Aubrey James, due to the inmate riot during an inmate-performed play. With this being the fourth outbreak of violence since Gordon had been stationed there, Lang felt as if Gordon hadn't been doing his job, and blamed him as such. He followed up by warning Gordon that if there were any more incidents he'd place him on the remedial duty roster. After several inmates had electro-therapy performed on them by an unknown assailant, Gordon called the Gotham City Police Department, with Detective Harvey Bullock taking Lang back to GCPD headquarters, interrogating him as to whether he was the one who had performed the therapy or not. After clarifying that it hadn't been him, the two deduced it had been Dorothy Duncan, a former Arkham Asylum inmate, disguised as a nurse, with Bullock warning Gordon over the phone. Lang was later killed by Aaron Danzig and Jack Buchinsky, the latter was revealed to have been behind everything.[1]


Season 1


  • Gerry Lang APPARENTLY had some knowledge of The Court of Owls, as he warned Harvey Bullock not to dig too deep into Arkham's history.


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