Not to be confused with Falcone Mansion.

The Falcone Manor was the manor where Carmine Falcone resided.


After picking up Mayor Aubrey James, Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock went to the Falcone Manor to arrest Don Falcone for murder and several other crimes, though they eventually surrendered for the sake of Barbara Kean's life.[1]

"So, you're gonna tell us why we're in your dad's house?"
"What do you think?
Barbara Kean and Sofia Falcone[src]

Despite Carmine stating that he will not return to Gotham, he eventually made a deal with Penguin after latter one called and returned to the city to take Sofia back south. At the Falcone Manor, Carmine met with his daughter who brought the uninformed Sirens with her. As soon as Don Falcone entered the room, his presence seemingly caused the Sirens to be tense. After he kissed Sofia on her forehead, he noted that she looked tired and then turned to Barbara Kean, telling her it is good to see her again, with her replying 'Likewise. So this is weird'. Sofia then asked her father why he returned to the city, but Carmine asked her a counterquestion, what he told her when she wanted to return to Gotham. Carmine called her a disgrace to the Falcone name and afterwards watched as Sofia sayed her goodbyes to Jim Gordon. Don Falcone then allowed her to collect some roses that her mother used to like. However, a black van showed up and opened fire upon Carmine, Sofia, Jim and the guards. Carmine died from the gun shot wounds.[2]




  • During the first season, a mansion in Long Island was used for exterior shots of Falcone Manor.[3] A different mansion was used to depict the Falcone Manor in "A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight". In the season 4 episode, the St. Josaphat's Monastery in Nassau County was used to film the Falcone Manor scenes, best recognisable due to the stone staircase during the exterior shots.


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