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"Do you honestly think you're the only one who had the orders to take a punk down to the end of a pier and put a bullet in his head? Huh? The difference is my Cobblepot didn't come back."
—Detective Bullock to Detective Gordon

"Everyone Has a Cobblepot" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Gotham. It aired March 2, 2015.


While Gordon seeks information about the recent controversy with Commissioner Loeb, Fish's allegiance to the prisoners is questioned when she appears to join forces with Dr. Dulmacher. Meanwhile, after an attack close to home, Bruce deals with the aftermath.[1]


At the hospital, Jim Gordon checks in on Bruce and Alfred, bringing Bruce a bagel. When questioned about who attacked him, Alfred covers up for Reginald, and Bruce followed his lead as Alfred didn't want to set the police on Reggie, as he wanted to deal with him, himself. After Gordon leaves, Alfred struggles to get out of his bed but Bruce orders him to stay in bed. At the prison facility, Fish Mooney meets Dr. Dulmacher who had heard about her recent actions. Mooney tells Dulmacher about her history with Falcone and wants Dulmacher to let her become his right hand. Dulmacher then tells her they couldn't find her a color match for her old eye, and tells her to rest up. After he leaves the room, Mooney gets up and to her surprise discovers a new blue eye, in her old one's place.

At the GCPD, Gordon and Harvey Dent learn from Captain Essen, that Commissioner Loeb was able to find a witness to get Arnold Flass exonerated, and that he'd be backing him as the head of the Policeman's Union. When Gordon visits Loeb, he showed Gordon footage where Harvey Bullock states that he presented false evidence against Flass. Back at the GCPD, upon confronting Bullock, Gordon learns from him that Loeb had dirt on him and half of the GCPD, and years ago he had been given a task similar to Gordon's of killing a criminal, but instead of sparing his like Gordon did, he had killed him.

Gordon and Dent interrogate an ex-partner of Loeb's, Charlie Griggs, in order to find out what exactly Loeb has on some police officers. After questioning him, he tells them to go see a Chinese bookkeeper by the name of Xi Lu. At the hospital, Bruce is reading Alfred a story when Selina Kyle visits them in the hospital. Selina tells Bruce that she found him because Ivy Pepper, who visits the hospital regularly to steal food from the residents, had spotted him. Bruce tells Selina of Reggie's deception and his suspicions that he had been sent to spy on them as a few of his files were missing. Selina advises Bruce not to go after Payne, though to no avail. Gordon and Dent enter Xi Lu's den and try to get him to show them where Loeb's stash of evidence is, but after Xi Lu receives a phone call, the workers who were counting the money attack Gordon and Dent with knives. They later escape when Bullock crashes through a gate with his car and rescues them. With Bullock's help, Gordon learns they pick up Griggs, and Bullock hangs him out of the car while Jim drives, who confesses that the only person who knew where Loeb kept his files was Falcone.

With this revelation, and with great regret, Gordon and Bullock visit's Oswald's to ask the Penguin for his help and he is pleased to assist them after Jim promises him a favor and five minutes alone with Loeb's files. The prolonged absence of Fish arouses the suspicion of the prisoners she promised to help, but once she returns she reveals that as a show of good faith they had to return Thomas Schmidt, and Fish motioned for several prisoners to be taken away on Dulmacher's orders. Despite the prisoners protesting, Fish reminded them that she had told them that not everyone would survive. Elsewhere, that night Gordon, Bullock, and Penguin reach an old farm located on the outskirts of the city where the Penguin had heard Falcone tell Loeb on the phone, that the farm was safe. There they are welcomed in by an elderly named Jude and Marge, under the guise of being a security team sent to check out the farm's security. Unexpectedly, the elderly couple, having figured out that they were not who they claimed to be, opened fire against them however they managed to subdue them quickly, leaving Penguin to watch them while they checked the attic.

In the attic they discover Miriam Loeb, the daughter of Commissioner Loeb, living there. Meanwhile at the GCPD, Nygma tries to invite Miss Kringle to dinner, though he is set to have dinner with Officer Tom Dougherty, who she was then dating. Back on the farm, after having a long talk with Miriam, who had serious mental issues, the detectives end up discovering that she was the real killer of her mother, the Commissioner's wife, and to prevent her from being sent to Arkham, she had lived there for 20 years with Marge and Jude. Downstairs, the elderly couple managed to escape Penguin. At his office, Gordon confronted Loeb with the truth. Overwhelmed by the turn of events, Loeb offers to resign, however, Jim tells him not to, as then he'd have to deal with someone else who was also Falcone's lap dog. But with Loeb, at least he had leverage. In exchange for keeping Miriam's whereabouts secret, Jim demands Arnold Flass be tried fairly, Loeb's dirt on all of the GCPD officers sent to Dent, though he is only given Bullock's file, and for Loeb to support him as president of the policeman's union.

After receiving his file from Gordon, Bullock warns his partner about Penguin coming to collect his favor one day. At his nightclub, Oswald met with Marge and Jude after letting them go the previous day, with the promise of helping them escape the wrath of the commissioner. Unfortunately for them, he could on procure one ticket to Arizona, and gave the two the ultimatum of deciding who would get it. Marge strangles Judge, and afterward, Penguin states that he had lied about the ticket, as he only had one shell left in his shotgun, and shoots her. Meanwhile, after Fish had proved herself to him, Dr. Dulmacher welcomed her to upper management, and then showed her the view out of the window, telling her that it was the reason he wasn't worried about her escaping or betraying him. To Fish's surprise, she discovered that the facility was on a remote island.


  • Before Selina enters Alfred's hospital room, Bruce is heard reciting a passage from Charles' Dickens' Great Expectations:
"And then I looked at the stars and considered how awful it would be for a man to turn his face up to them as he froze to death and see no help or pity in the glittering multitude. Here come--"


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