Evan Pike was an arsonist and a member of the Pike family.


Arsonist life

Evan was the entry man for Joe Pike and Cale Pike during their arson-based jobs.[1]


When Butch Gilzean gave a contract to the arsonists, Evan wanted to buy more napalm though they already had what they needed. While at the Merc, he stole a expensive, lethal explosive. Shortly after, Nathaniel Barnes and the Strike Force arrived and invaded the store. Evan attempted to escape, but was held at gunpoint by Barnes and Jim Gordon. Evan, attempted to shoot the policemen but was shot multiple times instead. One of Gordon's bullets hit the explosive, causing it to go off and blowing him to pieces. Because of Evan's death, Joe and Cale had to drag Bridget into their heists.[1]


Season 2


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