Ephram Snow is a child murderer and former inmate at Arkham Asylum.


At some point, Ephram Snow was captured by the GCPD and imprisoned at Arkham Asylum for his crimes. However, he was later able to escape custody when Jerome Valeska, Jervis Tetch and Jonathan Crane caused an outbreak that freed a total of 87 criminals from the violent ward of the asylum.[1]


Season 4


  • In the DC Comics, Ephram Snow was a mentally ill child murderer who was eventually caught and sent to Arkham Asylum. Right before the Joker activated his endgame plot, he told Snow and four other Arkham inmates different origin stories for himself and set them free. Snow believed that the Joker was the literal incarnation of the Devil, having come to Earth as "the Pale Man" twenty years ago to convince Snow to commit the murders he had done. He first appeared in Batman Vol 2 #35 (December 2014).


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