Emma Hsueh is a student of Anders Preparatory Academy.


Emma Hsueh is a friend of Grace Blomdhal, Tommy Elliot, and Brant Jones. When Grace had brought their former classmate, Bruce Wayne to the penthouse of Brant Jones where they were hanging out, Brant had begun to make Bruce angry, Grace suggested they should go to a club that Brant had a connection too. When they arrived, the bouncer stated that Brant was not on the list. When Brant started to become frustrated, Bruce told him that the bouncer knew who him and just did not care; in retaliation Brant called Bruce a freak. Bruce went to talk with a man for about a few minutes, when he came back he stated that they could all get in, all but Brant. When Brant asked to talk to the owner, the bouncer pointed at Bruce and Bruce states he just bought the club. By the end, Emma, Grace, Tommy, and Bruce had gotten drunk and spent the entire night partying.[1]


Season 4


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