Edwige is the owner of an antique shop.


Edwige was questioned about the knife Penguin had procured, by Cobblepot himself, wanting to know the history of it. Though she initially denied having such knowledge, she was explained the cursed history of the weapon after Cobblepot threatened to use it on her. She then explained that it was used over 200 years ago to cut off Caleb Dumas' hand after he was falsely accused of forcing himself upon Celestine Wayne, that being a precursor to the Wayne family soon after seizing the Dumas' holdings, and banishing them socially, eventually wiping the Dumas out of the city's history. Edwidge then revealed to him that the remnants of the Dumas family had been forced to change their surname to Galavan, and finished by warning Cobblepot that he was in deep waters.[1]


Season 2


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