Edward Nygma's apartment was the former residence of Edward Nygma


Edward Nygma and Kristin Kringle had a dinner date at his apartment.[1]

Edward ends up accidentally killing Kringle after confessing to murder her abusive boyfriend Tom Dougherty, much to his anguish.[2] He awakens the next morning to find the body gone, and discovers his darker alternative personality took over his body and hid Kringle's. He manages to locate her corpse at the Gotham City Police Department morgue, but embraces his darker side and cuts up her up to dispose of the evidence.[3]

Edward takes an injured Oswald Cobblepot back to the apartment to nurse him back to health and help him recover over the grief of his mother's murder and rediscover his murderous side. The pair of them then celebrate by murdering an associate of Theo Galavan - who was responsible for having Oswald's mother killed.[4]

Oswald remains hidden at the apartment when he becomes a fugitive running from the law after he tried to kill Mayor Galavan.[5]

Oswald brings an unconscious Jim Gordon to the apartment, who he himself is now a fugitive after being accused of murdering two police officers. At the apartment Oswald, Jim, Alfred Pennyworth, Harvey Bullock and Selina Kyle plan to storm Theo's headquarters and rescue a kidnapped Bruce Wayne from being killed by the Order of St. Dumas.[6]

Believing that Jim is onto him for the murder of Kringle (he isn't), Edward begins to plot a scheme against him in the apartment.[7]

After Oswald is released from Arkham Asylum he drops by Edward's apartment to visit him. However, Edward realises that Oswald has changed and shows no signs of being violent anymore, and admits to him that it freaks him out. Edward then sees Oswald out of his apartment and shuts the sliding door on him.[8]

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