Affiliation The Whisper Gang
Occupation Smuggler
Status Deceased
First "Mad City: Time Bomb"
Appeared in
Portrayed by Emmanuel Brown
"Dmitry is an initiate. The mask ensures his silence until he proves himself and becomes a full member."
Luka Volk on Dmitry[src]

Dmitry was a member of the Whisper Gang, operating in Gotham City.


At one point Dmitry joined the Whisper Gang, a Ukrainian smuggling ring operating in Kiev and Gotham City. As an initiate in the ranks of the gang, Dmitry was forced to wear a special metal mask that stopped him from speaking. Like other Whisper Gang members, Dmitry was proficient with the use of crossbows. During gang leader Luka Volk's negotiations with Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, Dmitry accompanied his boss, acting as a bodyguard. When Volk tried to frighten Wayne, Dmitry prepared his crossbow to fire, but was simultaneously targeted by Alfred Pennyworth. After Volk and Wayne reached an agreement, Dmitry accompanied his boss to the docks. Volk ordered him to inform other members of the Whisper Gang that they'd be allying with Bruce Wayne, gathering the gang for tomorrow's debriefing. However, the two ended up ambushed by Talon, agent of the Court of Owls. Volk hastily ordered Dmitry to watch for their hidden attacker, only for the smuggler to get pierced by Talon's blade, as he died immediately.[1]


Dmitry was a cold man of calm character, although his silence was enforced by the specialized Whisper Gang initiate mask. He stayed loyal to Luka Volk's mission of revenge against the Court of Owls, which costed him his life.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Expert marksman/Crossbows: Dmitry, like other Whisper Gang members, was an expert crossbowman.[1]


  • Crossbow: Like other Whisper Gang members, Dmitry used a crossbow as his weapon of choice.[1]
  • Whisper Gang initiate mask: This specialized mask ensured that Dmitry wasn't able to speak for the duration of his initiation period.[1]


Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, there's been a number of people named Dmitry, like Dmitri Pushkin, Dmitri Mishkin and Dmitry Arkadin.
  • Dmitry is a common Slavic name, which fits with the Whisper Gang's Ukrainian origins. However, Ukraine is a predominantly white country by overwhelming majority, with the few black residents mostly being immigrants from various African countries, as such a black person with a Slavic name is quite an uncommon site in Ukraine. However, it's possible that "Dmitry" is not the character's real name, but rather a sort of "criminal nickname", given to him by the gang.


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