"You have no idea, do you? You think I'm the big wheel. When it comes to the crunch, kid, I'm nobody, just like you. A-And the people who really, truly run this city, they're watching you huff and puff and run around crusading, and they are laughing at you. You're so deep in the maze, you can't see over the wall."
—Dick Lovecraft to Jim Gordon

Dick Lovecraft was a billionaire and entrepreneur.


Dick Lovecraft was a corrupt billionaire, whom Harvey Dent had been trying to get charges against to no avail. When Detective James Gordon, came to Dent about an eye witness to the Wayne murders, Harvey suggested they use the eye witness to go after Lovecraft, as he had a long standing feud with Thomas Wayne about their visions for Gotham City, and suspected him of being involved in his and Martha's deaths.

Lovecraft was later called down to Dent's office where Dent suggested he consider his options as "things were about to get ugly". After declining, and threatening the D.A, he was yelled at by Dent in a bizarre change from his regular persona for a brief moment.[1]

In the days following, Lovecraft was thought to have called a hit out on Selina Kyle, because of her status as an eyewitness to the Waynes' murder. When James Gordon went searching for him at one of his many safe houses, this one being a condo upstate, he revealed that he had nothing to do with the assassins after Kyle, and they were after him as well. He started to tell Gordon about something he had discovered about the Waynes just before they died, but was later killed by the Assassin, after she and her associates arrived, subduing Gordon, and killing Lovecraft with Gordon's gun. Mayor Aubrey James has the death covered up as Lovecraft caving in under the pressure of being interrogated, knocking out Gordon and using his gun to commit suicide.[2]


Season 1


  • The surname Lovecraft is a reference to the famous horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Many tales of Lovecraft are also set in the city of Arkham, hence the name of Gotham's asylum.


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