The Diamond District is a district located in Gotham City.


When Carmine Falcone was still the most powerful crime boss in Gotham, his underboss Fish Mooney was in charge of a small eastern portion of the Diamond District.

Fish Mooney's territory in the Diamond District and Fashion District was marked on a city map used by Oswald Cobblepot to study Gotham's criminal underworld and the mob bosses controlling it.[1]

The Diamond District was visible on a map used by James Gordon, Harvey Bullock and Lucius Fox at the GCPD in order to retrace Jeremiah Valeska's plan.[2]

During No Man's Land, the Gotham City Public Library in the Diamond District was taken over by the Riddler who then used the building as his base for the following months.[3] Nygma's headquarters at the library were invaded on at least two occasions, the first being an attack by Jim Gordon and Eduardo Dorrance who tried to arrest Nygma for the murders at Haven.[4] A few weeks later, the Public Library was invaded by the Ventriloquist and Scarface.[5]





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  • In the DC Comics, the Diamond District is one of the main districts in Gotham City.
  • Gotham marked the first live-action appearance of the Diamond District.



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