Delta Force was an elite covert black-ops team that works for Nyssa al Ghul, who was using the alias, "Theresa Walker". The black-ops team was led by Nyssa's subordinate, Eduardo Dorrance and they were sent to Gotham City in order to eliminate all criminal elements within the city. However, it was later revealed that they were sent to murder Bruce Wayne and Barbara Kean because they killed the father of Nyssa, Ra's al Ghul.  After Eduardo adopted mantle of "Bane", they managed to wreak havoc in Gotham and manipulate the military into helping them complete Nyssa's mission: to get revenge for Ra's al Ghul and destroy Gotham. However, Bane and the Delta Force were ultimately defeated after the military turned on them, causing Nyssa al Ghul to retreat and leave Gotham.


Delta Force is a covert black ops unit in the US military. A Delta unit was deployed to Gotham City after it was cut off and became a No Man’s Land, the rogue former secretary of Homeland Security Theresa Walker (born Nyssa al Ghul) sent her subordinate Eduardo Dorrance as leader of the unit. Dorrance's mission from Walker is to eliminate all of the criminal element in Gotham. Alfred Pennyworth knew who the unit was when they arrived in Gotham. According to Alfred, Delta Force specializes in guerrilla warfare, political assassinations and inciting military coups.

Their true mission in Gotham however is to murder Bruce Wayne and Barbara Kean after they destroy Gotham City and everything else they care about in order to avenge Ra's al Ghul's death for Nyssa. However after 391 days into the No Man's Land event, they would fail, leaving Bane and his teammates to be arrested by the US military, with Nyssa escaping to parts unknown.

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