Deever Tweed is a member of The Terrible Tweeds and later the henchman of Jervis Tetch along with his brother Dumfree.


Hypnotized by Jervis Tetch

Jervis Tetch finds Deever and his brothers wrestling and hypnotizes them into helping him break Alice Tetch out of the GCPD. The brothers assault the GCPD and successfully break Alice out, resulting in two of the brothers being killed and another one of the brothers being arrested. Deever, Dumfree and Jervis escape to an abandoned amusement park with Alice. They are interrupted by Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock, who found the location through the brother whom they arrested. After a long confrontation, the tension is broken up when Alice accidentally falls over a ledge and is impaled in the stomach, killing her instantly. Deever, Dumfree, and Jervis escape before the police arrive.[1]

Deever and his brother Dumfree assist Jervis with the capture of Leslie Thompkins and Valerie Vale. They later watch as Jim and Mario make a failed rescue attempt. Jervis then demanded that Jim choose which woman he would kill. Jim told Jervis to shoot Lee, but Jervis did the opposite and shot Valerie instead. Deever, Dumfree, and Jervis then ran off and escaped.[2]

Jervis visits an herbalist where he gives him an accelerator made from the Red Queen plant for a virus which is said to put someone in the "loony bin." Jervis, Deever and Dumfree later infiltrate the morgue where Alice's body is being held and stole her body so that he can use her body for her blood. At his lair, Jervis proceeds to harvest Alice's blood and combines it with the Red Queen plant in order to further his plans. After Jervis' plan is foiled by the GCPD, Deever, Dumfree and Jervis are incarcerated at Arkham Asylum.[3]


Season 3


  • Deever Tweed and his brother Dumfree, also known as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, originate from the DC Comics and first appeared in Detective Comics #74 (April 1943), and were created by Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson and Don Cameron. They were cousins who had a striking similarity to one another (to the point they are mistaken as twins) and also resemble the characters from Lewis Carroll's sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland entitled Through the Looking-Glass.
    • In "The New 52" continuity launched in 2011, they are known as the "Tweed Brothers" and work for the Mad Hatter, who has manipulated them to participate in his schemes.
  • Just like in the comics, there are more than two Tweed relatives that substitute each other in the identities of "Tweedledum and Tweedledee".
  • The first live-action version of Deever Tweed.


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