Davis Lamond was a social worker for Gotham Juvenile Services and the vigilante dubbed The Balloonman by the press.


Davis Lamond spent 15 years as a social worker. After witnessing the corrupt inner workings of Gotham, he decided to take it upon himself to cleanse the city. As the Balloonman, Davis killed corrupt politicians, police officers, and anyone else he deemed deserved the punishment of death. His victims were Ronald Danzer, a businessman who had scammed countless people into a Ponzi scheme; Lt. Bill Cranston, corrupt GCPD detective prone to violence; and Cardinal Quinn, a priest accused of several counts of child molestation. After discovering Davis's whereabouts, Detectives Gordon and Bullock apprehended Lamond, though not before he was almost killed the same way he had murdered his earlier victims. Upon being caught, Gordon asked Davis who his next victim was, but Davis stated that it didn't matter, meaning that anyone in Gotham could be a victim, implying that everyone in Gotham is corrupt. [1]


Lamond's victims were all public figures who outwardly, were dedicated and honest, but were deeply corrupt underneath it all. He approached them in more or less public areas, wearing a thick disguise with some sort of mask. The disguises also used a cart filled with bricks to act as ballast to the weather balloon. Once the targets were close enough, Lamond handcuffed the balloon's rope to one of their arms or legs, sending them flying into the air. After a while, the balloon would float up to the colder heights, where rubber would become brittle and the helium expand, causing the balloons to pop and the victims to fall down to the ground to their deaths.


Season 1


  • A character named Balloon Man appeared in the comics as an enemy of Metal Men. However this comic character relates in almost no way to the one in Gotham, therefore the nickname could either be a coincidence or simple homage.


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