David Mazouz (born February 19, 2001) is an American actor. He portrayed Bruce Wayne and Subject 514A on Gotham.



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Selected Filmography

  • Touch as Jake Bohm
  • The Games Maker as Ivan Drago
  • Dear Dumb Diary as Hudson Rivers
  • Sanitarium as Steven
  • The Darkness as Michael Taylor
  • Coming & Going as Timmy
  • Amish Grace as Andy Roberts
  • Criminal Minds as Ryan Hall
  • Drop Dead Diva as Ryan Hatcher
  • The Office as Bert California


  • As well as playing Bruce Wayne, David Mazouz also played Subject 514A for 9 episodes. This makes him the second actor in the cast to play a different character, the first being Ben McKenzie who portrays a disguised Basil.
  • David's birthday is February 19, which is also Batman's birthday in the comics.

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