Daedalus Boch is a mutilator and former inmate at Arkham Asylum.


At some point, Daedalus Boch was captured by the GCPD and imprisoned at Arkham Asylum for his crimes. However, he was later able to escape custody when Jerome Valeska, Jervis Tetch and Jonathan Crane caused an outbreak that freed a total of 87 criminals from the violent ward of the asylum.[1]


Season 4


  • In the DC Comics, Daedalus Boch aka Doodlebug is an artist incarcerated at Arkham Asylum who believes he receives visions of inspiration and then compulsively recreates them on whatever canvas they indicate, including people. Boch is later murdered by fellow Arkham inmate Erasmus Rayne alias Death Rattle as part of a demonic sacrifice. He first appeared in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1 (July 2003) and was created by artist Ryan Sook and writer Dan Slott.


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