The Cryogenic power suit, abbreviated as Cryo-suit, is a special exo-suit worn by Victor Fries.


During his raid on Arkham Asylum to free his wife Nora, Victor Fries wore a special cryo-suit in order to protect himself from damage.

After a failed suicide attempt which caused his body to mutate so it couldn't survive above subzero temperatures, Victor was kept in a special cooled cell at Indian Hill by Hugo Strange. Strange revealed to Victor that he began modifying his suit in order to keep Victor on life support and ensure he would survive outside the confinements of his cell.

Strange provided Victor with the suit when he sent him to kill Karen Jennings.


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Season 4


  • The suit is the third version to appear in live action, following the 1966 television series Batman and the 1997 film Batman & Robin.


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