Crime Alley is the location where the Wayne murders took place.


Whilst cutting through the alley after watching a movie, Thomas Wayne, his wife Martha, and their son Bruce were stopped in their tracks by a masked gunman, who ordered the pair to hand over their belongings. Despite them complying, the gunman opened fire on the pair of them, killing them outright, much to the shock of Bruce. The gunman briefly pointed his gun at Bruce, but then proceeded to leave. The Gotham City Police Department investigated the crime scene, and detective Jim Gordon comforted Bruce before his butler and newly assigned guardian Alfred Pennyworth came to pick him up. Unknown to everyone at the time, a homeless girl named Selina Kyle was a witness to the crime.

Years later, Jeremiah Valeska attempted to force Bruce to relive the night his parents were murdered by plotting to shoot dead Gordon and Lee Thompkins, who were hypnotized to believe they were Thomas and Martha. Having previously not done anything to prevent the Wayne murders, this time Selina intervened in stopping Jeremiah from killing Gordon and Lee, which forced Jeremiah to flee the scene.


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