Creel was an associate of Theo Galavan and an elite member of the Order of St. Dumas.


Arrival in Gotham

Creel waited for Theo Galavan at his penthouse, being greeted when Galavan arrived. He was then given the knife Jonathan Wayne used to cut off Caleb Dumas' hand by Theo. After questioning whether or not Theo had Bruce Wayne yet, he was told by Theo that a few more actions needed to be taken before he could do so. Creel then told Galavan that they could be patient, as the day of redemption was at hand, their brothers were crossing the ocean currently, and soon Gotham City would be redeemed in blood, and Bruce Wayne would die.[1]

Welcoming his Brothers

Father Creel was later seen at the docks when he welcomes his brothers to Gotham City. When a police officer in the area sees them and states that the docks are closed. Creel's brothers killed the police officer. Afterwards, Father Creel and his brothers then walked into Gotham City.[2]


Father Creel was preparing to sacrifice Bruce Wayne in a ceremony as the other members of the order looked on. As Creel was preparing to cut Bruce, Silver St. Cloud hollered for him to stop. Creel did, and then Jim Gordon, Oswald Cobblepot, and Oswald's men burst through the door.

Creel stood back as his brothers were killed in the ensuing battle. Jim approached Creel and ordered him to drop the knife, declaring it was over. Creel said it was and then lunged at Jim. He was shot and killed midair by Harvey Bullock.[3]


Season 2


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