Clyde Destro is a baker and was a member of the Red Hood gang.


Clyde Destro started out as a baker who was denied loans from the banks in order to improve his failing bakery. He ended up joining a group of robbers who would eventually become the Red Hood Gang. After Gus Floyd had conceived the Red Hood identity, Clyde then shot Floyd and became the second Red Hood. He led the Red Hood Gang in a raid on a second bank, later being approached one night by Trope, who wanted the red hood mask to impress his girlfriend, and shoots Clyde for it. Upon arriving at Clyde's apartment, Harvey Bullock finds Clyde on the ground with a bullet wound in him. Jim Gordon finds the denied loans from banks, figuring out that he wanted money from the banks that rejected him. They were able to find a clue to the next bank that was going to be robbed.[2]


Season 1


  • Although the actual television show doesn't disclose his fate after his gunshot wound, the tie-in website the Gotham Chronicle reveals he survived.[3]
    • This makes him the only surviving member of the Red Hood Gang, and the only one out of the two Red Hood Gangs to still be alive.


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