Clint was a captive in Francis Dulmacher's basement.


Assisting Fish Mooney

Clint along with Bugsy, and several others were approached by Fish Mooney, who asked them whether or not they wanted in on her escape plan. Though Clint was hesitant, seeing as he wondered why she was asking them, instead of her friends, Fish explained to him that if her plan didn't work, she wanted killers at her side, not injured victims. Joining in on her plan, Clint and the others were told to go through the gate, which Fish had already unlocked, and to get onto the boat. As the group was coming to the gate in an attempt to open it, Clint discovered it was locked, and realized Fish had used them as a distraction so that she and her group of friends could escape. The entire group was soon after caught by The Catcher and his men, who shot them to death.[1]


Season 1


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