Cherry's Place was a fight club located in The Narrows of Gotham City. Ran and operated by Cherry, it became celebrated for its current champion Solomon Grundy. Due to Cherry's defeat, Lee Thompkins is now in-charge of the club. 


When Edward Nygma and his new companion Solomon Grundy searched through Gotham City for an opportunity to make money, they eventually end up at Cherry's. With the intention of letting Grundy fight for him, Nygma talked to Cherry, who was impressed by Solomon's body. After noticing a burn on his arm, she has one of her workers summon the doctor to take care of Solomon Grundy's injury. The doctor in question turned out to be Leslie Thompkins.[1]

Solomon Grundy became a popular fighter at the club and the main attraction. Before each event Nygma would put on a show in which he mocked the crime lord (and his former friend) Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. the Penguin, which resulted in an angered Cobblepot sending a group known as The Sirens (consisting of Barbara Kean, Tabitha Galavan and Selina Kyle) to capture Nygma and bring him back to Cobblepot to face punishment. The trio head to the club where Tabitha is shocked to realise that Solomon Grundy is actually her former partner Butch Gilzean, who has no memory of his previous life.[2]


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