Charlie Griggs is the former partner of Gillian Loeb.


Twenty years ago, Griggs and Loeb were partners in the Gotham City Police Department's homicide unit. As such when wondering where Loeb's secret evidence stash was, Detective Jim Gordon and Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent went to Griggs questioning him as to where Loeb was keeping it. Though reluctant at first to tell them anything, Griggs revealed to the two that if they wanted information, Loeb always said that if you wanted to keep something safe, take it to Xi Lu. After almost getting the two killed, Gordon and Detective Bullock were able to scare information out of Griggs by hanging him out of a moving car, with him telling the two that Carmine Falcone was the only one who knew where Loeb kept his secret stashed at.[1]


Season 1


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