Charles Van Dahl was the son of Grace Van Dahl, the brother of Sasha Van Dahl, stepson of Elijah Van Dahl, and stepbrother of Oswald Cobblepot.


Early life

Charles and his sister Sasha grew up poor, being abused by their father. Their mother worked at a diner, where she met Elijah. Grace and Elijah became close, and she to died in him about her situation. Elijah offered Grace and her children sanctuary at his estate. Elijah and Grace fell in love and got married, effectively making her and his children his heirs. Charles enjoyed living a privileged lifestyle with his family.[1]

Meeting Oswald Cobblepot

During a trip to Gotham City, Elijah met Oswald Cobblepot and discovered he was his son from a previous relationship. Elijah took Oswald home and introduced him to Charles and the rest of his family.[2] At a family dinner, Elijah pointed out Oswald was his only biological son, which made Charles and his family uncomfortable. While at the library, Charles saw a newspaper that stated Oswald was a criminal. He showed it to Grace and Sasha, as they presented it to Elijah. To their shock, Elijah told them that Oswald had allready shared his criminal past with him, and he believed Oswald had changed.

Grace tried to convince Sasha to seduce Oswald, and when that failed, Charles humorously offered to try and seduce Oswald, implying he might be gay. Sasha implied in turn that Oswald was "slow", and the three wondered what they would do next. Elijah became ill due to Grace switching out his medication. Elijah asked Grace to call the lawyer because a lot has changed. Grace knew that means he was leaving everything to Oswald. Grace poisoned a glass of wine, she intended for Oswald to drink, but Elijah drank it instead and died.[1]


After Elijah's death, Grace and her children took advantage of Oswald and made him their servant. They insulted his cooking, though Charles seemed to enjoy it. Their constant bullying, combined with Oswald secretly discovering that they killed Elijah, caused Oswald to revert to his old ways as Penguin once more. Though not shown on-screen, Oswald later killed Charles and Sasha and made them into a meal he served to Grace, before killing her too and avenging his father's death and his own torment.[3]


Season 2


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