The mother of Gotham's mafia boss Carmine Falcone was idolized by her son and eventual crime boss.



Carmine loved his mother very much, and she sang aria to him as a child.[1] During a funeral, a young Carmine sat on his mother's lap.[2]


Carmine, now the crime lord of Gotham City, would talk about his mother to his enforcer Fish Mooney.[3]

When planning to bring down Carmine, Fish enlisted on the help of Liza to dress up similar to Carmine's mother in order to manipulate him. Carmine was smitten with Liza due to him looking like his late mother, and he took her in as his carer.[4]

After Oswald Cobblepot exposed Fish and Liza's deception, a tearful Carmine had it out with Fish and how she has used the memory of his own mother against him. He strangles Liza to death, and has Fish and Butch Gilzean taken away to be tortured for their disrespect and betrayal.[5].


Season 1


  • In the comics, Carmine Falcone's mother is identified as Carmen Marie Falcone and was the wife of the late criminal Vincent Falcone.


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