"People from my neighborhood don't get scholarships. They join gangs, sell drugs. I needed to change the direction my life was going."
—Carl Pinkney[src]

Carl Pinkney was a member of Unit Alpha of the Strike Force.


Early years

Carl was a state wrestling champion, as well as an academy running back.[1]

Joining the Strike Force

Captain Nathaniel Barnes interviewed and recruited Carl along with, Josie Mac, Luke Garrett, and Sal Martinez to the Strike Force. The group was later presented with their uniforms and weapons by Barnes, and were present when he was told about the murder of Janice Caulfield. Carl along with the rest of the Strike Force saved Randall Hobbs from Victor Zsasz who had been attempting to assassinate him. Carl and the rest of the strike force were later berated by Detective Harvey Bullock for joking about the near miss of Josie getting shot, and he and the others were presented by Barnes with their first official mission, to build a case to take down the Penguin.[1]


When trying to meet with Captain Barnes about what he learned about Jim Gordon, Edward Nygma visited Pinkney's apartment. When Edward asks the riddle, "What do you call a tavern of black birds?" as he kills Pinkney with a crowbar. His body was discovered by Jim Gordon and Captain Barnes where Barnes suspected Gordon behind Pinkney's death.[2]



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