Campos is a detective who works in the Gotham City Police Department.


Campos informs Jim that anyone could have gotten access to the bathroom where Maxwell Symon was murdered. Jim tells her to get statements from everyone who was present at the party.[1]

Campos informs Jim that Jerome's cult has taken over several areas in Gotham City. Jim orders her to let him know as soon as Jerome Valeska is found.[2]

Campos watches as Bullock and Jim open the present left by the Riddler. Inside, they find a riddle that leads them to Aubrey James.[3]

After Jim goes missing, Campos comes to Bullock with a witness who saw Nathaniel Barnes flee the scene. The witness tells Bullock that he saw Barnes flee in a Genovese Meats truck. Bullock tells Campos to put a BOLO on the truck.[4]

After fearing that Leslie Thompkins has injected herself with the virus, Jim sends police to her home to investigate. Campos tells Jim that she is currently safe at her home.[5]


Season 1

Season 3


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