Cale Pike was an arsonist and a member of the Pike family.


Working for Oswald Cobblepot

Cale along with Joe and Evan were sitting at the table when Selina Kyle and Butch Gilzean came to their residence on business, offering the brothers an arson job, which they accepted. After the death of Evan, Cale and Joe discussed whether or not they'd still do the job, with Cale pointing out they had no entry man, as they needed one to do the job. The two soon got the idea to make Bridgit their new entry man, and though she initially refused, Cale and Joe got her to agree to do so, after threatening to kick her out. During Bridgit's first arson job, Cale and Joe waited in the van, with Joe guiding her via a radio. Later, at the Gotham City Book Depository Cale and Joe dropped Bridgit off to perform another arson job, though they drove off once the GCPD came from around the corner. [1]

Capturing Bridgit

Bridgit after that separated herself from her brothers, working with Selina. But they wanted her back and abducted her before she could leave Gotham.


Joe and Cale then threatened to kill Bridgit if she didn't do the "family business," and Joe said that if she messed up again he would kill her. While they were playing, Bridgit arrived in her suit and flamethrower. Joe mockingly questioned if she would kill them, and she said "yep" and then incinerated the brothers with her flamethrower, carbonizing them. When Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock arrived, Joe was still barely alive and his last words were "Bitch", before being killed off by Bullock.[2]


Season 2


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