The Grapple Gun is a gadget used by Bruce Wayne.


The gun can throw a cable with a hook at the end. This hook allows Bruce to grapple people away or climb walls.


After he was poisoned by Ivy Pepper, Bruce Wayne began to hallucinate and saw his future self as Gotham's protector. In his vision, Bruce met the Dark Knight at Crime Alley and briefly saw the vigilante climb a fire escape using a grapple gun.[1]

During the No Man's Land crisis, Bruce used this grapple gun to stop Selina Kyle from killing the Mutant Leader.[2]

When Bruce later returned to Gotham City ten years after the end of No Man's Land, he began using his grappling hook to climb buildings and to swing between rooftops. As the Dark Knight, he usually carries it in his utility belt.[3]


Season 4

Season 5


  • In DC Comics the Grapple Gun is one of the most essential gadgets in Batman's arsenal and used by all members of the Batman Family.
  • This is the fourth live-action version of Batman's Grapple Gun, following appearances in Tim Burton's Burtonverse, Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and the DC Extended Universe. Following the grappling gun's brief cameo appearance during the vision in season 4 of Gotham, the grappling gun has also made an appearance in the 2018 Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds and the subsequent 2019 TV series Batwoman.
    • Adam West's Batman in the original 1966 TV series did not own a grappling gun, but instead used the so-called Batrope to climb walls. The Batrope also appeared in the comics as well as the 1940s film serials and was a simple Batarang with a line attached to it. This method of wall climbing has since gone out of fashion in the Batman mythos and was replaced with the more efficient grappling gun made popular by Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie.


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