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"There's nothing wrong with being afraid. Once you realize it's normal, then you can put it in its place. Then, you can act. Fight back."
—Bruce Wayne[src]

Bruce Wayne, later known as the Dark Knight,[2] is the only son of the late Thomas and the late Martha Wayne and the heir to the Wayne fortune. After his parents were mugged and murdered by a masked gunman, Bruce began to question the inner workings of Gotham and along with his allies sought to uncover the corruption destroying the city and get to the reason behind his parents' murder.

Ra's al Ghul had inspired Bruce to achieve his higher purpose, leading to him seeking training to become Gotham's protector, a role he would continue to fulfill years later, bringing Ra's' prediction of Gotham's Dark Knight to fruition.


Early life

Bruce was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bruce's parents celebrated his second birthday by going camping in a forest. He and his father climbed a tree and ate oranges, while his mother sang to herself while building a fire. Bruce and his father had a yearly tradition of taking a hike, placing rocks at the top of a peak, and watching the sunrise in the morning. Whenever he gets sick, his mother would stay with him and read to him until he fell asleep. On his seventh birthday, about fifty kids came over to celebrate, but Bruce was off outside on his own, obsessed with the bright red wagon that his father gave him as a present. He spent the whole day in the garden collecting rocks with his wagon, and when he was asked by Alfred what he was going to do with them Bruce told him "I'm gonna build a home for my wagon, a secret place, that only I know about". When he was seven years old, he rowed his boat in the middle of a storm and it greatly frightened his father and Alfred. When he came back, his father cried tears of joy and hugged him.[citation needed]

Death of Bruce's parents

"Fear Doesn't need conquering. Fear tells you where the edge is. Fear is a good thing."
—Jim Gordon to Bruce Wayne

Bruce kneeling at his parent's dead bodies screaming.

After leaving the theater after seeing The Mark of Zorro at the Monarch Theatre[3], Bruce and his parents were mugged by a disguised, armed man. Although both Thomas and Martha gave the mugger what he wanted without any trouble, the mugger killed both of them in front of Bruce before running off. Bruce was left screaming over his parent's lifeless bodies. When police arrived on the scene, Bruce was comforted by Detective Jim Gordon, who promised to find the killer. Bruce was then taken home by his family's butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock were able to kill the man that supposedly murdered the Waynes, and Bruce thanked Gordon when they met again at his parents' funeral.

Later, Gordon arrived at Wayne Manor and confessed to Bruce that the man everyone had thought murdered his parents been framed, but asked that he stay quiet about it so that he could find the real killer. Bruce agreed to this as he was glad his parent's killer was still alive, as he wanted to see him again.[4]

In his quest to conquer fear, Bruce tried to test himself by holding his hand over a lit candle, attempting to resist the physical pain. He was caught by Alfred Pennyworth while doing so and attempted to hide his hand behind his back before showing Alfred and being harshly yelled at. Bruce was then comforted by Alfred after the butler realized his mistake of yelling at him. He later arrived in the middle of a conversation between Detective Gordon and Alfred, as the butler had summoned him to the Manor in an attempt to convince him to talk some sense into Bruce, who hadn't been sleeping, and was imposing physical harm upon himself. After Gordon suggested he talk to someone to help him cope with his parent's death, Bruce refused, asking the detective whether talking to someone helped him deal with the horrible things he had seen during the war he had served in. Though Gordon attempted to lie, Bruce knew otherwise, calling him a "terrible liar". Ending the conversation, Bruce offered to give money to the homeless children of Gotham, who had been kidnapped and later rescued by Gordon and Bullock. Detective Gordon however, explained that wasn't how it worked, and that they needed someone who cared about them as Alfred did for Bruce. Still wanting to help, Bruce offered to buy them all new clothes, as they looked "awfully ragged".[5]

At Wayne Manor, Bruce was pestered by Alfred Pennyworth, who in an attempt to have some fun with him, started a play sword fight between the two, using wooden canes. After beating the butler, as he had repeatedly told him to stop, Bruce accidentally knocked over the police files of his parent's deaths. They were discovered by Alfred when he picked them up off the floor and questioned Bruce as to why he would want to look at them, as they were horrible and would give him nightmares. Bruce explained he was searching for clues within the files, attempting to find anything that could deduce the identity of his parent's killers. He was later berated by Alfred for refusing to eat anything, though he later ate while watching the news about the recent capture of the vigilante known as The Balloonman.[6]

Bruce discussed the recent developments of Arkham Asylum with Detective Gordon, and the gang war brewing because of it. He sought to help Gordon intending not to let his parents' dreams die with them, as they had fought for years to get a new Asylum opened. He later awakened from a nightmare of his parents' murder and continued to look through files pertaining to the Arkham Plant, hoping to find a connection between the recent murders of the councilmen and his parents' death. Bruce requested that Alfred gave him any other files related to it. Bruce later watched the news in horror as Mayor James announced what would be done with the Arkham Plant. The Arkham Asylum would be reopened as his parents had hoped, but the Plant had been secretly split between Maroni and Falcone to Bruce's dismay. This led Bruce to believe that everything his parents had worked for was falling into the hands of criminals, before being reminded by Gordon, that he was still alive and that it wasn't too late for everything to be fixed.[7]

Inner workings of Gotham

Bruce later questioned how Gotham City worked, as he was troubled by the fact that the Falcone and Maroni crime families each got substantial pieces of the Arkham Project. He later agreed to go to the Wayne Enterprises charitable ball intending to question the board members about Arkham Asylum, after deducing from several files pertaining to the project that the company most likely gave Falcone and Maroni their shares in the Arkham Project. He later met with Molly Mathis of Wayne Enterprises' Middle Management, about the several irregularities he found within the Arkham deal. Soon after, former biochemist Stan Potolsky revealed to the attendants of the ball that he had created the drug Viper for WellZyn, which was a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. Despite Mathis telling him otherwise, Bruce later discovered she was the onsite liaison between the two companies, leading him to believe otherwise.[8]

While watching the news about the recent killings of the firstborn children of Gotham's wealthier citizens, Bruce refused to leave Gotham to go to the lake house, as Alfred suggested. As Bruce was under the mindset that there was still work to be done with his investigations of Wayne Enterprises and the murderer of his parents, he also noted that there was no one to take him from, furthering his reasoning for staying.[9]

Bruce was later introduced to Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen by Jim Gordon after it was revealed that he didn't kill Oswald Cobblepot as he was instructed to do, and was on the run from the Falcone crime family. It was explained by Gordon that he didn't know whether he'd be able to keep his promise of finding Bruce's parents killer as he had promised. Bruce got frustrated towards Gordon when he attempted to treat him like a child by not being specific about what he had done, and why he expected to die. He was then guaranteed by Detective Gordon that he could trust Allen and Montoya if anything happened to him, though he would try to work it out. Bruce embraced Gordon before he left.[10]

Despite his protest, Bruce was soon forced to re-enroll in Anders Preparatory Academy by Alfred, who thought he needed to be around children his own age. Later, while reading a book outside of the school, Bruce was approached and greeted by Tommy Elliot who questioned him about his parent's death, asking several questions, which prompted Bruce to leave for class. While walking attempting to leave the school, walking on a stairwell, Bruce was once more taunted by Tommy, who purposely got Bruce's name wrong, though Bruce corrected him. After mentioning Bruce's deceased mother, Bruce slapped Tommy, getting beat up by the latter because of this. Alfred asked Bruce what had happened when he came outside, to which Bruce explained the situation. Taking Bruce to Tommy Elliot's house for revenge, Alfred also gave him his father's watch to use as a knuckle duster. Knocking on Elliot's door, Bruce told him that the two of them had unfinished business, proceeding to beat him, until being stopped by Alfred. Bruce then left with Alfred, selecting pizza for dinner for the night. Later on at Wayne Manor, Bruce asked Alfred whether he could teach him to fight, which Alfred told him that he could.[11]

Bruce was later brought a sketch of his parent's murderer by Jim Gordon as described by Selina Kyle. He was asked by Gordon whether or not he recognized the man, which Bruce didn't. Afterward, Bruce agreed to let Kyle stay at Wayne Manor, despite Alfred's protests, as she needed a safe place to stay, and was their best shot at finding out who had killed Bruce's parents. Bruce later offended Selina by asking her about her parents, catching her later attempting to leave through the window, apologizing if making her talk about her family upset her. Afterward, Bruce was asked whether he had ever kissed a girl and whether he wanted to. Struggling to find an answer, Bruce was retrieved by Alfred, as it was time for his studies. Bruce later continued his training, trying to develop self-discipline and willpower, but was told by Selina that it wouldn't work, as, on the streets of Gotham, one needed to be mean and ruthless, which Bruce wasn't. The two later had a food fight, after Selina threw a donut at Bruce, telling him that if he could hit her with a piece of food, she'd let him kiss her.[12]

Bruce and Selina were later forced to flee Wayne Manor, after an assassin was let into the residence by Alfred, posing as a woman who had been an accident. Leaving the manor, Bruce followed Selina into Gotham City, the latter who had convinced him that the assassin was there for him and not her. In the city, Bruce made his way to a payphone, and while attempting to call Alfred, he was forced to flee after Selina, who revealed that the assassin was there to kill her, and not him, and she had only told him so so that the two could hang out a while longer. After having made his way to a rooftop following Kyle, Bruce had to jump over to another roof, almost falling, though he was saved by Selina. Proving that he had earned the right to hang out with her, Bruce was taken to the Flea, a mall of sorts for street kids, there getting a change of clothes, and encountering Ivy Pepper before leaving for The Factory with Selina. At the factory, Bruce witnessed as Selina attempted to sell several items she had stolen from his home to her fence, Clyde, though after he offered prices that were extremely lower than what the items were actually worth, the two attempted to leave. However, the two were prevented from doing so by Clyde, who threatened to poke Bruce's eyes out, if Selina didn't cooperate with him. Being locked into a room with Selina, the two later escaped after Selina knocked out one of Larissa Diaz's men who had come in. Afterward, Bruce distracted Diaz long enough for Selina to make her escape, though after being caught the assassin he was warned not to mistake bravery for common sense. Bruce was then discovered by Alfred, and the two embraced. Bruce was later visited by Selina at Wayne Manor, who wanted to properly say goodbye, also returning the items she had stolen from the residence, all except one. He was then kissed by Kyle, who left, and when Alfred came in the room questioning as to who he'd been talking to, Bruce lied telling him that he had been thinking out loud.[13]

Leaving Gotham for Switzerland for several weeks afterward, Bruce had Alfred drive him around in search of Selina. Getting out of the car, Bruce pleaded with Alfred to allow him to circle around the block once, and then they would go home. While on the street, Bruce once more encountered Ivy Pepper, who he asked to pass along the message to Selina that he was looking for her, though Pepper only agreed after Bruce had Alfred give her twenty bucks. While playing chess by himself at Wayne Manor, he was interrupted by Selina who had arrived there after receiving his message. Giving her a snow globe that was reminiscent of the town he and Alfred had stayed in, Bruce followed by attempting to let Selina live at the Manor, in exchange for Kyle helping him find the man who killed his parents, though Bruce was told by Kyle that she hadn't seen his parents' killers, and had only said that to get out of juvie. He was later discovered by Alfred in tears, and after a pep talk of sorts from the latter, Bruce was determined to find other leads.[14]

Bruce was later visited by Detective Gordon who told him that Selina had revealed to him that she had lied about seeing the face of the killer of Bruce's parents, to which Bruce agreed that she had told him the same thing. Though Gordon persisted that it didn't put them back at square one, Bruce released Gordon from his promise of finding his parent's killer, as he'd pursue the matter on his own.[15]

Even though his father was no longer alive, Bruce decided to continue the yearly tradition the two had of hiking, rejecting Alfred's offers to come with him. After angrily walking down the hill from his campsite, Bruce fell and sprained his ankle. Struggling to get back up the campsite, when he finally did, he discovered Alfred, who had been there for over an hour. After being helped up by Alfred, the two stayed the night, with Bruce watching the sunrise as he did with his father.[16]

Bruce was told by Alfred that Wayne Enterprises had called to confirm his meeting with the board of directors. Though Alfred was hesitant about him going, Bruce reiterated that he had made up his mind about the situation. During his meeting with the board, Bruce questioned the directors about underworld involvement in the Arkham project and chemical warfare manufacturing within WellZyn. Though the board of directors said they would look into them, one of the members mentioned to Bruce that he hadn't brought up any points with actual proof behind them, prompting Bruce to tell them that he hadn't told them all that he knew and that he hoped that they did look into the issues, as he'd bring them up at the next shareholders meeting, with possible legal action.[17]

After Reginald Payne tracked down Alfred, and Bruce walked in on the two talking, he insisted that Reggie stays with them a few days. Coming into the manner after training, Bruce ran into Reggie and the two sparred, though Alfred put a stop to it. Bruce later brought up a bottle of wine and listened to the two tell stories. He seemingly excused himself to bed when Reggie stepped out of line, taunting Alfred, but waited outside of the door, listening to the rest of their conversation. Later that night, Bruce discovered Alfred bleeding in his father's study, after having been stabbed by Reggie, immediately trying to stop the loss of blood, and calling for help.[18]

At the hospital, Bruce was brought a bagel by the visiting Detective Gordon. When they were questioned as to who had stabbed Alfred, Bruce initially was going to reveal Reggie's identity to Gordon, though he followed Alfred's lead, when the butler interrupted him, with Alfred later telling him that he was going to track down Reggie himself, though Bruce ordered him back to bed. Later, Bruce was visited by Selina Kyle who he revealed to his suspicion that Reggie had been sent to spy on him and Alfred by Wayne Enterprises, and that he planned on tracking down Reggie, as he could find out who specifically sent him, from the latter. Though Selina offered to help, Bruce rejected her offer on the account of not wanting anyone else to get hurt because of him.[19]

At Wayne Manor, Bruce was visited by Gordon, who knew he and Alfred had lied about not knowing the identity of the man who had stabbed Alfred, though Bruce denied it. Putting together that Alfred wanted to go after the man himself, Bruce was warned by Gordon to stay out of it, as it wasn't his fight. He later visited every gun range in search of Reggie, after learning from Alfred that, that was where he was most likely to be. After searching to no avail, Bruce went to Selina for assistance, with the two finding him at a shooting gallery. There, Bruce questioned Reggie as to who had sent him, with Selina threatening to drop Reggie's "medicine" out of the window if he didn't tell them. After threading to tell Bunderslaw that Bruce was onto him, Bruce witnessed Selina push Reggie out of the window to his death, when the latter attempted to grab his bag from the windowsill.[20]

Bruce later plotted with Selina to get the key to Bunderslaw's safe, as every executive of Wayne Enterprises had one, and any secrets that he had, would be in there. Deciding to attend the Wayne Enterprises charity ball with Selina, Bruce was able to get her close enough to Bunderslaw so that she could steal his key.[21]

During a tour of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce excuses himself to go to the bathroom, though instead pulls the building's fire alarm. As everyone exited the building, Bruce made his way into Bunderslaw's office, finding his safe and unlocking it, though there was nothing in it. Afterward, he was confronted by Bunderslaw himself, who had been expecting him. Bruce's suspicions were confirmed by Bunderslaw, who also revealed that Bruce's father and grandfather had also known about the illegal activities going on in Wayne Enterprises, and originally came in with his secret files demanding justice, though he came to understand the reality of the business world. Though Bruce argued against this, Bunderslaw begged him to reconsider, as he had an opportunity to the blessed life his parents had wanted for him. The pair's conversation was interrupted by Lucius Fox, who came in looking for Bruce, as a public relations person was frantically searching for him. Before leaving Wayne Enterprise, Bruce was told by Lucius that his father was a true stoic, who kept his best self-hidden and that he wasn't the man the company thought he was. He later revealed this, and the circumstances of Reggie's death to Alfred at Wayne Manor.[22]Two weeks later, Bruce tore apart his father's study looking for evidence of his secret life. In the midst of giving up, Bruce remembered Lucius Fox had called his father a stoic, bringing Marcus Aurelius to mind, a Roman Emperor who was also a stoic. Opening a book about him, Bruce discovered a remote in the back of the book, and after a quick debate with Alfred on whether or not to press it, Bruce did so, which revealed a secret passageway behind the fireplace.[23]

Finding his father's secret room

Upon traveling to the passageway Bruce and Alfred stumbled upon a steel door with only a keypad barring them from the entrance. After many tries, Bruce couldn't get the code right to his dismay. In the middle of his attempts, Gordon showed up to Wayne Manor to announce his firing and how in order for him to return to GCPD to solve The Wayne Murders, he has to do a favor for Penguin and is honor-bound not to do it. Enraged, Bruce told him that in order to do something right, one has to be prepared to do something ugly first, prompting Gordon to take up the favor. Taking his own advice, Bruce smashed the keypad and prepared to make a homemade fertilizer bomb to blow the door open. Alfred catches wind of this and tries to stop him only for Bruce to tell him, to make him tea if he refuses to help. Alfred instead advises him, that in order to blow the door open he needs more fertilizer and containers to do so. When they finished making the bomb, they successfully blew the door open. Inside the room, they find among most things, a workplace with an advanced computer, weaponry, bulletproof vests, Newspaper clippings, and a desk. On the desk, Bruce discovered a letter addressed to him from his father. Bruce reads through it realizing that Thomas wrote it as a precaution, should he end up dying. Thomas through the letter tells Bruce that he cannot have happiness and truth and must choose between the two, strongly suggesting the former unless Bruce finds a true calling.[24]

Bruce decided to look through his father's computer to find any secrets regarding Wayne Enterprises. Alfred, disgusted at all the violence brought to them along with the arsenal Thomas had at his disposal, promptly smashes the computer despite Bruce's protests. Angry at him, Bruce fired Alfred which devastates them both. When Bruce realizes that Alfred was just trying to protect him, he goes to the train station to rehire him in exchange for further training. In exchange, Bruce agrees to go back to school and do what Alfred says when he says it. Bruce agrees to the conditions, though demands that Alfred finds a way to fix the computer.[25]

Days later, Bruce and Alfred attended the Gotham Children's Hospital Gala, much to Bruce's reluctance. There Bruce and Alfred met Leslie Thompkins, and later Bruce encountered Selina who attended the event to score quick cash grabs. When he asks if she'd like to stay and watch the magician hosting the events, she refused regarding her thievery as work. The Magician, Rudolfo appears and asks for Bruce as his volunteer. He reluctantly goes on stage where he's subjected to the sawing in half trick, said trick scaring Alfred half to death before it turns out to be fake. As Bruce leaves the stage, Rudolfo kills Deputy Mayor Kane with a throwing knife revealing himself and his assistant to be Jerome Valeska and Barbara Kean. The duo promptly holds the gala hostage while Alfred protects Bruce from more of Jerome's thugs. Bruce spots Selina fleeing and gives chase. Selina helps him escape through a passageway, but Bruce refuses to let anything happen to Alfred and runs back for him. He hides behind the curtains while Jerome makes his demands before Jerome demands that Bruce comes out from hiding lest Alfred dies. Bruce was about to, before being stopped by Gordon, but he doesn't want Alfred dead. Gordon lets him go and Bruce makes his presence known. When Alfred berates Bruce, Bruce tells him there's a gun in his jacket and Gordon is behind the curtain. Alfred manages to get and conceal the gun before Jerome holds Bruce at knifepoint. Gordon comes busting in prompting a standoff between Gordon, Alfred, and Jerome. The standoff ends when Theo Galavan kills Jerome saving Bruce reuniting him with Alfred. When all is over Alfred notices Gordon with Lee and accuses Bruce of knowing, which he denies.[26]

After Bruce makes good on his promise returning to school, he gets into the car and is informed by Alfred that Galavan has invited him to dinner. Bruce, appreciative of Theo saving his life, agrees to attend. Alfred then makes good on his own promise to train Bruce by handing him gym clothes and telling him to run from school to Wayne Manor. Bruce later meets Theo at the restaurant to thank him, and Theo in turn, remarks on the lack of progress made in the Wayne murder. While they talk Bruce notices a blonde girl playing around on a fountain outside. Theo taking notice introduces her as Silver St. Cloud, his niece, and ward who also lost her parents. Theo noticing his attraction to her also brings up that soon, Silver would be attending the same school as Bruce further prompting him to get to know her.[27]

At Wayne Manor in Thomas' lair, Alfred and Bruce had a sparring session, in which Alfred told him to him that his enemies would fight dirty, putting Bruce in a chokehold. Bruce then bit Alfred to free himself and voiced his impatience for Lucius Fox to repair his father's computer, as he was ready to begin. However, Bruce was told by Alfred that he'd tell him when he was ready, and though Bruce emphasized that he was, Alfred proved otherwise hitting him in the nose, after distracting him with the information that Silver St. Cloud had called to invite him to dinner at her house. hat night at the Galavan's penthouse, Bruce had dinner with the Galavan family, and Tabitha commented on how cute he and Silver were. Later, Theo confessed to Bruce, that he was aware that Bruce's father had been a good man, but despite that, bad things happened at Wayne Enterprise. Bruce was then told he was mature for his age and ready to handle the problems that were going on at Wayne Enterprises, though he would need some help. Theo then offered to be that person once he became Mayor.[28]

Bruce had Silver over to Wayne Manor and was surprised when Selina snuck in through the window. Silver then comes into the study, and Bruce introduces the two. Bruce then went to go tell Alfred to set another place at lunch for Selina, at the request of Silver. Later, Selina asks Bruce if he's really buying Silver's act, and then proceeds to insult her. Silver then leaves with tears in her eyes, and Selina tries to tell Bruce that Silver is bad news. However, Bruce, angry at what Selina had done, told her that he wanted her to leave. Bruce then told her that the entire time he had thought she was his friend, though she had no idea what that meant. Soon after, Bruce visited the Galavan's penthouse firstly encountering Theo, who complimented his moral compass and noted the similarities between the two. However, the two were interrupted when Silver arrives happy to see him again.[29]

Bruce later visits Galavan's home to meet with Theo. When he arrived he encountered Silver who kept him company before Theo arrived. In Theo's office, Bruce was asked by Theo that if he could have one dream come true, what it would be. Bruce confessed that it was to find and kill the murderer of his parents, and Theo then confessed that his greatest dream was to help the city and presented an opportunity for both to fulfill what they wanted. Theo then revealed to Bruce the illegal activities going on at Wayne Enterprises. Bruce vowed to Galavan that he would look into all of it, and stop whoever was responsible for the acts. However, Galavan told him he couldn't as Wayne Enterprises had a board that would kill to protect its secrets. Galavan then proposed to buy the shares Bruce controlled in his company in exchange for an envelope with the identity of the man who had killed Bruce's parents. Bruce later asks Alfred how many years would it take for him to gain the skills to take down the corruption at Wayne Enterprises. However, Alfred tells him that there wasn't a set timeline. Overwhelmed by the dilemma, Bruce tells Alfred about Galavan's proposal, and Alfred stresses that the proposal was extortion. However, Bruce told him he couldn't help but considered it because if Galavan could truly fix the corruption at Wayne Enterprises it was his moral duty to allow him to do so. Alfred then reminded Bruce that Wayne Enterprises wasn't his parent's legacy, but that he was. Bruce then began crying asking Alfred if he was wrong to just want it all to be over, and the latter embraced him. Later, Bruce and Alfred visited the Galavan penthouse for Bruce to sign over his shares of Wayne Enterprises, but at the last moment, Bruce refused to sign the documents. Suddenly, Gordon and the GCPD burst into the penthouse to arrest Galavan for kidnapping Mayor James, but before they did so, he threw the envelope with the Wayne's killer in the fire, leaving Bruce devastated.[30]

Bruce later invited Silver to Wayne Manor in an attempt to get information out of her. However, Alfred arrives dismissing Silver and thwarting Bruce's plan. However, before she leaves, Bruce is given a key to Silver's hotel room at the Kane Hotel. Afterward, Bruce and Alfred argue over Alfred dismissing Silver, and Bruce is forbidden by Alfred to see Silver as he could be jeopardized if he attempted to get information out of Silver. After Bruce refuses to listen to Alfred, he decides to become his jailer to prevent the latter from seeing Silver and pursuing Galavan's claims. Later, Bruce pretended to head for bed, saying goodnight to Alfred, but the butler reveals to having sent the taxi he called in secret away, and that he had also taken the key Silver had given him, without Bruce noticing. Despite that, Bruce decides not to give up to get the information Galavan had. The next day, Bruce tried to sneak out to see Silver. However, Selina Kyle appeared to prevent him from doing so, as unlike before, she had proof to back up her claims.[31]Bruce was then presented with a file that Selina had stolen indicating that Silver had been sent to spy on him and push him to sell his company.[32]

Bruce at the altar, as Creel prepared to kill him.

Bruce and Selina then hired The Knife to pretend to hold him and Silver hostage to get the truth out of the latter. Before hiding in a tree, Bruce was told by Selina that the best liars always told the truth. Later Bruce meets with Silver to ask her to tell Theo he was willing to pay for the best defense attorneys, seeing as his funds had been frozen if he agreed to give the name of the murderer of Bruce's parents. However Silver was hesitant to do so at first, however, Bruce said he'd believe whatever Galavan told her because it would come from her. Bruce then told her that he never met anyone like her, he trusted her with his life and felt tied to her, afterward kissing her. While leaving school, Bruce receives a call from Silver informing him that Theo had accepted his deal and had told her the name of his parent's killer. However seconds later at their agreed meeting site, The Knife appears in his van, having previously abducted Silver, and orders Bruce to get in or he would kill her. While being interrogated by The Knife, he pretends to takes Bruce to the back of the building to torture him, though while he does so, Bruce pretended to beg Silver to tell The Knife what she knows. Silver confesses to Bruce that her uncle never told her the name, and her mission was to keep him busy until Galavan was released. After The Knife gets Silver to reveal the Waynes' killer name, "M. Malone", Bruce and Selina appear to reveal that everything was staged to force her, to tell the truth. With Silver's true intentions exposed, Silver told Bruce her uncle would kill her when he discovered what had transpired, but Bruce chose to ignore her. Finally, Bruce was told by Silver that she believed what he had told her earlier outside the school and that he wasn't acting like himself, but Bruce told her she wrong. Later at Wayne Manor, Bruce is commended by Selina for changing, and after she leaves Theo Galavan arrives to abduct him.[32]

Captured by Theo Galavan

Bruce is brought to the Galavan's penthouse with a hood over his head, and his hands tied. Theo reveals his true name and tells Bruce about the events that had transpired between their two families. He then told Bruce of the prophecy that his family's patron saint promised, of the day when the blood of nine men of Gotham City and the Son of Gotham were slain by righteous hand to wash away the sins of the city. Father Creel then appeared to begin the preparations for the sacrifice so that at midnight, the Dumas family could finally be avenged. Afterward, Bruce was taken to a cell. He was later visited by Silver and reluctantly allows her to stay. The two had a conversation, and Silver eventually tries to break Bruce out, though the two are caught by Theo. Back in the cell, Bruce tells her he knew the entire thing was a ruse and denies having feelings for her, telling her that he pitied her. Near midnight, Bruce admits to Silver of not being scared of his imminent death that night because he'd soon be reunited with his parents. At that moment, Theo appeared outside the cell with the monks to escort him to the altar, however before leaving Bruce turns around to kiss Silver and confess his love for her to convince Theo that she had succeeded in her objective. Bruce is brought to the altar where several monks of the Order of St. Dumas recite the prophecy asking for the death of the Son of Gotham. Bruce was approached by Father Creel brandishing the ceremonial knife and sought to complete the ceremony, but Silver raises her voice in protest, interrupting it. Bruce is then rescued by Gordon, Alfred, Selina, Bullock, and Penguin who kill several of the monks and Father Creel. He is released by Alfred and Selina, and while leaving thanks them but tells the two he had a feasible escape plan.[33]

Confronting his parents' killer

Bruce was then forced by Alfred to spend a month in Switzerland. After returning, he had a discussion with Leslie Thompkins about his abduction. Bruce confessed that the situation made him feel alive and invigorated, and with ?a second chance at life, he was more determined than ever to find the murderer of his parents. Later in his father's lair, Bruce furiously hit a punching bag until Alfred arrived. Bruce then blamed Alfred for making them go to Switzerland, as they wasted a month they could have used to search for "M. Malone". However, the butler stops Bruce from hitting the punching bag and informed Bruce that one of his GCPD contacts had found a file on the killer, Patrick "Matches" Malone. After revealing that he planned to kill Malone when they found him, Alfred made it clear that he would do it himself as Bruce was too young to have a death on his conscious. Bruce initially rejected the idea, but eventually, Alfred made him accept the deal. Bruce later had Selina over to the manor, asking her to get him a gun. Selina does her best to convince him to change his mind because it would change him forever, but Bruce was counting on that.[34]

Bruce confronting Matches Malone.

Bruce met with Selina to give him the gun he had requested, with the latter warning that guns only served one purpose. Bruce then returned to Wayne Manor and Alfred told Bruce that to find Malone they were to visit a former associate of his nicknamed Cupcake, who spent ten years in Blackgate Penitentiary because of Matches. Alfred informed Bruce that Cupcake led a criminal gang known as The Mutants. Soon after, the two visited the place where Cupcake organized fights among his gang. Although Alfred asks Bruce not to say anything, Bruce revealed his identity and offered to pay him $ 50,000 in exchange for the whereabouts of Malone. Cupcake accepts the deal but also requires Alfred to fight him out of respect. Once defeated, Cupcake told Bruce to go see Jeri at the Celestial Gardens to find Malone, but right after, Alfred suddenly fainted due to Cupcake's blows from the fight. Later at the hospital, Alfred asks Bruce to do nothing till he recovered but once he goes unconscious, Bruce used the opportunity to go to the Celestial Gardens. After going to Celestial Gardens, Bruce met Jeri and she questioned him about his reasons for wanting to find Malone. After discovering the truth, she refused to reveal his whereabouts asking for a good reason. When justice and money didn't convince Jeri to do so, Bruce brings out the gun in his pocket but is unwilling to shoot her. After Bruce begins to leave, she finally decides to provide Malone's address in an attempt to intervene and play god. While leaving, Bruce encounters Gordon who tries to stop him, though the crowd grabs on to the latter on Jeri's orders, allowing Bruce to escape. Bruce later confronted Malone in his apartment, and although the latter didn't remember him at first, Bruce eventually jogs his memory. Despite threats from Bruce who threatened to shoot him, he refused to tell him who hired him, as the killer's code wasn't much, but it was all he had. When Bruce realizes that Malone wanted him to kill him, Malone confesses of being tired of committing so much evil in his life and not being punished. However, after considering it, Bruce decided not to kill him. Angrily, Malone reminds Bruce that he was a monster, but Bruce told him that although he wished he was a monster, he was just a man. He then drops the gun on the table and goes out into the hallway coming across Detective Gordon. At the same time, the two hear a gunshot of Malone committing suicide. Bruce later left Alfred a letter informing him he was going to live with Selina on the streets for a while to learn some things, and to honor his wishes not to bring him back.[35]

Living on the streets

Bruce was taken to a greenhouse where Ivy Pepper worked and informed that with Ivy's help, Selina intended on stealing Sonny Gilzean's gang's money. After Bruce stated that he was not opposed to the idea, as it was stealing from criminals, Selina tells him that they were to wait, as Ivy put mushrooms in the gang's lunch, which would put them in a state of relaxed bliss. Bruce and Selina manage to steal money from the gang thanks to the gang members being drugged. Unfortunately, Sonny returns while they're in the middle of doing so, and catches the two attempting to flee with the money. Later, Bruce calls Sonny a coward for assaulting Selina after she cracked wise at him. Bruce was then beaten by Sunny, and remembering the advice of Alfred, Bruce takes a series of fierce punches from Sunny until Selina creates a distraction that gives him the chance to knock out Sunny and allow them to run away with the money in hand. Bruce's wounds were later tended to by Selina, and Bruce revealed that despite what Sonny did, he knew that he couldn't break him and that no one could. A month later, Bruce and Selina watched the announcement of Gordon's sentencing to Blackgate on television.[36]

Bruce conducting research on the streets.

Bruce and Selina stole a crook's money, and Bruce throws out some of the money into the streets, angering both the crook and Selina that Bruce was stupid enough to throw the money away. Later, Bruce takes Selina's jacket and sews the sleeve as she had ripped it. After she finds out, Selina thanks him and Gordon then arrives at their hideout. Bruce then stitched Gordon's wounds and called Alfred. The trio was brought back to Wayne Manor, and Bruce was present the next day when Gordon devised a plan to have Selina feed Captain Barnes false information so that Edward Nygma would lead him to the bodies of the people he had killed. Afterward, while Selina was taking a shower, Alfred told Bruce that Lucius had fixed his father's computer. However, Bruce was given the ultimatum of choosing the work, or Selina, as he wouldn't allow Bruce to put Selina's life in danger. Bruce decides not to go back to the city with Selina, though Selina takes it the wrong way, bidding a great life, and ending their friendship.[37]

Investigating Pinewood Farms

Bruce looked through his father's computer, and Alfred arrived down to the lair to inform him and Lucius that he had prepared a meal upstairs. However, on Thomas's calendar, Bruce discovers that he had scheduled a meeting with a woman named Karen Jennings about something called "Pinewood Farms" the same week he was killed. Wasting no time, Bruce and Alfred arrive at Karen's cabin in the woods where inside they are surprised to discover that Karen had a claw instead of a left hand due to an experiment. After Karen tells the two her backstory, Bruce then deduces that the program had been started up again, and demands that Karen takes him to the original Pinewood Farms facility. At the Pinewood facility, Bruce, Alfred, and Karen reach the building, but inside are chased by two assassins sent to capture Karen. Though they escaped, the police waited for the trio outside. At the GCPD, Bruce explained the situation to Captain Barnes, though he didn't like it. Barnes then orders that Karen is sent to Blackgate. At a diner, Bruce informs Gordon of what they had learned, and Gordon shares his suspicions that he suspected that the Philosopher was in charge of Pinewood, so he quickly begins to plan a way to prevent Karen from being sent to Blackgate since she was the only person who could identify him. After Bruce, Alfred, and Gordon hijack the truck, Karen tells Bruce that Thomas used to visit her frequently and treated her as if she were his daughter. However, she also reveals that his father was the one who initiated "Pinewood Farms", and although he had good intentions "The Philosopher" took advantage of him. Soon after, they were forced out of the truck as Victor Fries planted a trap for them. Though Gordon and Alfred tried to subdue Fries with their guns, they failed. Bruce was then embraced by Karen and witnessed her sacrifice to save them all, with Fries freezing her, then breaking her into pieces. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce wonders how to move forward because Karen was the only lead they on identifying "The Philosopher". However, Lucius arrives with an important discovery after having sought scientists who had worked for Wayne Enterprises cross-referencing the words "Pinewood" and "philosopher". To the astonishment of the group, Fox showed them a photograph of the old Gotham cricket team where Thomas stood by his friend Hugo Strange, otherwise known as " The Philosopher". Bruce takes this discovery with extreme displeasure after discovering the fact that his father's death was ordered by one of his friends.[38]

Bruce was later informed by Gordon and Bullock that the evidence on Hugo Strange was not enough to imprison him. Annoyed by the bureaucracy of the situation, Bruce suggests that Gordon do the same thing to Strange as he did to Galavan, but Jim advises him not to take that route because he'd end up paying for it over and over again, as he did. Bruce later goes to a crime scene with Gordon and Bullock. Barnes approaches them and though Gordon asks to speak to him, he refuses at first, but Bruce insists and he gives Gordon three minutes to explain. Bruce later witnesses Azrael escaping from the GCPD officers who were shooting at him. At the GCPD, Bruce asks what Barnes plans to do about Strange, and Barnes tells him that he will assemble a Strike Force and call in all off-duty personnel. Barnes then told Bruce to stop meddling in matters that didn't concern him. Afterward, Gordon agrees with Barnes and tells Bruce to go home, as he couldn't make the moves he needed to make if he was worrying about Bruce.[39]

Bruce has Alfred drive him into the city to meet with Selina Kyle. On a rooftop, Bruce meets with Selina to find a way to get into Arkham to find incriminating evidence on Hugo Strange. Initially reluctant, Selina agrees to help him after realizing the possibility that Bridgit Pike was still alive, nevertheless, she decides to go alone. Bruce later arrives at Wayne Manor, and Alfred informs him that Galavan was coming for him. At Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred split up to make sure the house was secured. While doing so, Bruce finds a broken window. He later takes a sword off of the wall and throws it to Alfred when he saw the latter was battling Galavan in the study. However, Bruce flees, after Alfred is eventually defeated and thrown out of a window. Bruce runs into the car garage of the manor where he uses a car to bulldoze Azrael. Outside the manor, Azrael surprisingly stands unhurt and catches Bruce by the neck with a whip. But before he could kill Bruce with his sword, Gordon appears from behind him and shoots him with his gun, though it fails to kill him. Gordon, and Alfred who had limped his way to the front of the manor, then tended to Bruce. Afterward, Bruce witnessed Penguin and Butch arrive, and Butch shoots Theo who had gotten back up, with a rocket launcher, blowing him to smithereens. The two then leave, with Butch telling Bruce, Gordon, and Alfred good night.[40]

Bruce waited on top of a rooftop for Selina, but after Ivy Pepper arrives instead, he realizes that Selina is in trouble. Bruce then went to the GCPD to inform Gordon that Professor Strange had Selina Kyle. At Wayne Manor, Bruce is berated by Alfred for involving Selina, who was now in danger because of him. However, Gordon and Lucius Fox decide to use this opportunity to infiltrate Arkham Asylum and find the secret laboratory where Hugo Strange was creating monsters. Given that, and despite Alfred's protest, Bruce decides to accompany Lucius announcing that he'd ask for a tour as the Wayne Foundation gave the Asylum money every year. Bruce and Alfred later parted ways, and Alfred gives Bruce his blessing to go, telling him that Thomas Wayne fought very hard for what he believed in, and he wouldn't stop Bruce from doing the same thing. Outside of Arkham Asylum, Bruce and Lucius met with Hugo Strange, and Bruce asks for a tour, using the fact that he supplied the Asylum with a quarter of their operating budget to get one. He then told Strange that he wanted to talk with him, while Lucius looked around. In Strange's office, Hugo confronted Bruce about the real reason he was there. The conversation eventually shifted to the murder of Bruce's parents, and Bruce and Hugo both agree that there was someone to blame for the killing. Bruce and Hugo then discussed Thomas Wayne, with Hugo telling Bruce that Thomas' moral principles were what got him and Martha killed. Strange eventually asks Bruce whether he would trade his moral principles for one more day with his parents. Bruce then accuses him of ordering his parents' murder. Although Hugo tried to warn him to turn back and make the choice his father didn't. After Bruce made it clear that he would do the same as his father, Strange ordered that Bruce, Gordon, and Lucius be taken. Bruce was then taken out of Strange's office, as he was being taken out of the office, Bruce demanded to know what Strange had done to Selina Kyle. Bruce was then locked into a room with Lucius Fox, and Edward Nygma soon announced his presence over a microphone. Nygma told Bruce and Lucius that Strange had tasked him with finding out how much they knew about what Strange had been up to, and who they had told.[41]

Bruce and Lucius were at the mercy of Edward Nygma, who tries to find out everything they knew about who ran Indian Hill. Lucius suggests the answer to Nygma's question was Hugo Strange, though Bruce gave the answer of Wayne Enterprises, which was correct. Nygma then asked them who ran Wayne Enterprises. However, Bruce and Lucius gave the wrong answer, prompting Nygma to activate the poison gas. While unconscious, Bruce has several flashbacks. He and Lucius later wake up in the same room as Jim. Bruce received an apology from Jim for making the oath to find his parent's killer in the past. Soon after, Selina Kyle arrives in the room, and having manipulated her Bruce apologizes and tells her to escape. However, he is told by Selina that she'd do as she liked and that she had Bruce wrapped around her finger. Bruce, Lucius, and Gordon are later rescued by Selina who had manipulated Firefly into a fight with Mr. Freeze. The group went into Arkham's cafeteria where they witnessed the fight. After Gordon and Lucius disarmed the bomb Strange had activated, Bruce and Selina later meet up with Alfred outside of Arkham. Gordon then tells communicates Bruce of his intention to leave the city to find Leslie. After that, Bruce tells Alfred of the secret council that controlled everything in Gotham, and that they were close to the ultimate truth.[42]

Investigating the Court of Owls

Bruce accompanied by Alfred then went to Switzerland for six months, with Bruce doing research into The Court of Owls and finding proof of their existence. Afterward, he returned to Gotham, and the next day confronted the board of directors of Wayne Enterprises giving them the ultimatum of allowing him to speak to the Court face to face within 24 hours or he would give his evidence to every news outlet in Gotham. That night, Bruce went into the study to find Alfred unconscious and then was abducted by Talon.[43]

Bruce is taken to the lair of the council representative Kathryn. After she removes her owl mask, Bruce recognizes her from events for Wayne Enterprises, as well as having visited the manor before. Bruce attempts to negotiate terms, even saying that if he dies his assets will be transferred to the federal government, meaning an investigation would be held at Wayne Enterprises, however, this doesn't phase Kathryn as she feels the organization she is with will be able to bear it. She then makes Bruce a proposal, to drop all investigations on the secret council and his parents' murder, in exchange for his life as well as his close friends and loved ones not sharing a horrible fate. After thinking it through, Bruce agrees to the conditions and is once again knocked out by the Talon and taken back to Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce is awakened by Alfred and describes to him the situation. Alfred deduces that the secret council has probably threatened Bruce with the lives of those close to him. Alfred begins to ponder that even though Bruce has agreed to seize all investigation into their activities, will they keep to their bargain.

Later on in the day they make light of the situation and discuss what Bruce will do with his spare time now that he won't be investigating them, with Alfred jokingly saying that he can take up dancing lessons. But the mood is destroyed when they hear a window breaking. Going to investigate, they are stunned when they come across a boy resembling Bruce who asks for their help.[44]

Bruce and Alfred gave Bruce's doppelganger food and what his name was, his name being Subject 514A or 'Five'. Five revealed that he was from Indian Hill and that he found Bruce by following Selina Kyle when he saw the two talking to one another. Bruce decided to allow Five to stay in Wayne Manor going against Alfred's pleas regarding why Hugo Strange would make a clone of Bruce and the chance that Five may have some connection to the Court of Owls.

The next morning, Bruce and Alfred are training with Five observing them. Bruce decides to let Five spar with Alfred, who then proceeds to teach Five boxing. When Alfred strikes Five they notice that he cannot feel any pain, Alfred strikes again only this time Five dodges all of Alfred's attacks with quick reflexes and displays superior hand-to-hand combat skills oppose to Alfred. Alfred and Bruce ask where Five learned how to fight he stated that he did not know, he may have learned at Indian Hill but if he had he could not remember. Later that evening Selina visits Bruce and tells him about Ivy possibly dying after falling down a storm drain.

The next day Bruce discovers that Five has cut his hair to make himself look more like Bruce and has stolen one of his cars. Bruce and Alfred search and eventually locate Five on the roof of Selina's apartment, angered by Fives' actions Bruce demands to know why Five has done what he has done. Five tells Bruce that he believed Bruce might hold the key to discovering who he really is but he does not, however, Five claims despite Bruce possessing vast wealth and anything a person could want he truly has nothing. Five tells Bruce and Alfred they will never see him again before jumping off the roof, Bruce and Alfred then watch as Five leaves Gotham unharmed by the height he has jumped.

A week later, Bruce visits Jim Gordon and hires him to be his private investigator to look into Ivy's whereabouts as a favor for Selina. Gordon decides to start their search at the GCPD, Gordon then tells Bruce its chivalrous of him to help Selina and asks how long they've been in a relationship.

Alliance with the Whisper Gang

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Jerome's Return

Bruce and Alfred are lighting candles in Wayne Manor after Gotham has been plunged into a city-wide blackout by the newly resurrected Jerome Valeska, suddenly Jerome and members of his cult arrive and hold the pair hostage. Jerome then proceeds to destroy the owl idol and tells Bruce that he plans to kill him as it was the last thing Jerome remembers planning to do. Bruce bides his time stating that his company keeps Gotham running and that if he's going to die there should be an audience. Jerome then takes Bruce and orders his followers to kill Alfred.

Bruce spares Jerome's life.

Jerome takes Bruce to a circus where he plans to execute him. Bruce witnesses Jerome and his followers torture & murder many citizens of Gotham. Bruce is then strapped to a stand where Jerome then plans to kill him with a cannon, however, Bruce removes a staple from his arm and uses it to pick his handcuffs and escapes. Jerome then follows Bruce into the hall of mirrors, Jerome shoots a mirror Bruce appears in, Bruce then tells Jerome he is going to pay for what he has done. Bruce catches Jerome off guard and tackles him from behind, the two engage in a fistfight though Jerome is not taking it seriously. Bruce bests him and beats him to the ground, Bruce then punches him repeatedly to the point where Jerome's face begins to fall off, Bruce refuses to kill Jerome and is narrowly saved by Jim and Bullock.[45]

Training with the Sensei

After re-encountering Selina, Bruce is kidnapped and replaced by his clone. Bruce awakens in a compound located in Nanda Parbat where there are snow covered mountains. Bruce demands to speak with the person in charge, a man named Sensei enters and tells Bruce they have much to do in little time. Sensei explains more that he controls the court of owls and that he needs Bruce's help. The Sensei then uses special acupuncture needles to send Bruce into his own mind and relive the memory of his parents' murder. Overwhelmed Bruce demands to know why the Sensei would do that to him and what he wants from Bruce. Sensei explains that he and the Court have tried to end crime and corruption in Gotham for years but have failed as people are afraid thus they cannot find hope. Sensei believes Bruce could be the protector Gotham needs, that he could be a symbol that opposes fear which will then save Gotham.

Bruce begins further training with the Sensei. The Sensei determines that Bruce's head isn't in it because he is still blocked by his parent's murder. The Shaman uses his special acupuncture needles to mentally condition Bruce to lock away his pain and rage in order to become the protector of Gotham. He succeeds in this task and is brought back to Gotham City by the Shaman. After returning to Gotham, the Shaman continues conditioning Bruce. However, Bruce is unwilling to part with the memory of his mother and is unable to condition him further. The Shaman then shows Bruce one of his own memories, in the memory, he shows Bruce the night he killed the member of the court who ordered the murder of his parents. The Shaman explains that he respected Bruce's parents for their leadership and dedication to restoring Gotham. The Shaman also tells Bruce that the Court has only ever been a tool used by the organization he truly works for and that is time for the court to answer for its crimes and failures to save the city.

Eventually, Bruce lets go of the memory of his mother and is fully conditioned, the Shaman tells Bruce that the Talons are conditioned the exact same way he is and that they must obey his every command. The Shaman then reveals that Bruce will do whatever he commands to which Bruce confirms he will.

Return to Gotham

The Sensei assembles a group of the court's high ranking members and finds them guilty for ordering the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The court members state that they had to eliminate Thomas as he threatened to expose them, Bruce, disgusted by this, demands to know if his mother deserved to die also. The Sensei then tells Bruce to order the Talons to execute the court members but he is unable to, the Sensei then gives the order himself.

Bruce is later approached by the Sensei in a safe house and he is asked about what he feels, Bruce tells the Sensei he is ashamed as he was unable to give the order to kill court members. Sensei tells Bruce he will have another chance, Hugo Strange enters the room with the bomb containing the Tetch virus. Sensei then tells Bruce that the one he truly serves believes Bruce to have a great destiny awaiting him and that when he detonates the bomb thousands will be infected and out of the ashes of Gotham's destruction a dark hero will rise - Bruce.

When the time comes to detonate the bomb, Alfred interrupts Bruce and the Sensei. Alfred tries to reason with Bruce, into not pressing the detonator whilst the Sensei urges him to do so. When Alfred points his pistol at the Sensei, Bruce intervenes and stands between the two mentors. The Sensei once again urges Bruce to push the button and then grabs Bruce, detonating the bomb himself. Alfred shoots the Sensei and Bruce runs over to the dying man telling him to 'Find the Yuyan Building. Find the demon's head. Fulfill your destiny'. The Sensei then dies leaving Bruce and Alfred alone watching from above as the bomb goes off.

Whilst the city is in chaos around them, due to the effect of the bomb, Bruce is in the GCPD interrogation room with Alfred trying to snap him out of his conditioning. Alfred tells Bruce how he loves him and that although the Sensei has taken away his pain, you can't have love without it. Bruce seems to be coming around when Detective Alvarez, under the influence of the Tetch virus, starts shooting up the GCPD headquarters, Alfred leaves the room to see what the commotion is, Bruce then sees a pen Alfred has left behind, picks the cuffs, and leaves the GCPD to find The Demon's Head.

Alfred and Lucius Fox follow Bruce through the streets as he makes his way to the Yuyan building. Upon entering Bruce meets a shadowed figure who asks what he is doing there. Bruce tells him he has been sent to find the Demon's head to which the figure replies he has succeeded.

The Demon's Head reveals himself to be Ra's Al Ghul and reiterates to prophesy that Bruce will save Gotham. Ra's also tells Bruce he did not succeed in his mission given to him by the Sensei due to the Sensei detonating the bomb, not Bruce. Bruce blames Alfred for distracting him to which Ra's says 'Not to worry, you can complete your mission now.' At which point 2 ninjas walk into the room and throw a beaten Alfred to the floor. Ra's tells Bruce he must kill Alfred to complete his training and take his place as his dark knight. Alfred again tells Bruce he loves him as he did back at the GCPD headquarters and tells Bruce he would do anything for him and if that means dying by his hand, he will. At this Bruce plunges a sword into Alfred's gut and as he does is immediately broken free from his conditioning and brainwashing due to the intense emotional pain.

Bruce runs to Alfred's aid when he hears Ra's Al Ghul compliment him on breaking out of his conditioning. Bruce swears he will never follow Ra's but Ra's replies his strength confirms he will. Bruce screams he will never due to being made to kill Alfred to which Ra's tell him to 'Use the waters' and vanishes leaving only his cloak. Bruce then notices the large well full of a glowing liquid in the center of the room and pours the water over Alfred's wound. The wound sizzles and seals shut and Alfred snaps awake.[46]

Bruce is encouraged to make his own decisions by Alfred and then becomes a masked vigilante. He saved a family from a goon in a dark alley and then climbed up, watching over Gotham from a rooftop. As Bruce gazes on a storm is heard nearing the city.[47]

Afterward, when Alfred left the hospital they both agreed that Bruce had to prepare for the day when Ra's Al Ghul returned. Alfred then supported Bruce's decision to continue his vigilante activities.

Protecting Gotham

Three months later, Bruce is standing on the top of the building when he hears a woman cry for help when she is being mugged. Bruce confronts the muggers telling them they have one chance to walk away, they attack him and he quickly defeats him. Bruce finds one of the licenses issued by Penguin allowing them to commit crime, Bruce leaves the scene unknown to him though Ra's Al Ghul is watching him from a distance.

Bruce returns to Wayne Manor and counsels with Alfred on how to turn Penguin's licensing of crime against, however, Alfred objects to this as it does not interest with Bruce preparing for Ra's Al Ghul's return. Instead, Alfred claims that Bruce is trying to complete multiple objectives at the same time, however, Bruce tells Alfred that he can prepare for Ra's returning to Gotham while also protecting the city.

Going Down A Dark Path

After hanging up the cowl, Bruce fell into a deep depression over the death of Ra's to the point where after reuniting with one of his old classmates, Grace Blomdhal, he met with Tommy Elliot once again and they went to a club to party, which Bruce purchased in order to grant them access and all three of them partied together until they got drunk. Bruce woke up with a hangover the next day and was confronted by Alfred, who attempted to remind him who he was before taking him out on the annual hike into the woods that the former would occasionally have with his father before he was killed. Alfred then told Bruce the story of how he and Thomas had first met in London before Bruce lied to Alfred about losing his rocks before stealing their sedan and driving back to Wayne Manor, ditching Alfred in the woods.

Afterward, Bruce invited his friends, including Tommy, over to Wayne Manor to party before Alfred returned and kicked everyone out of the house. However, Bruce ignored Alfred's attempts to communicate with him regarding what he was going through and ordered him to just be his butler. Soon after, Bruce began treating Alfred rudely by forcing him to clean up the mess he would usually make from partying hard. Alfred then attempted to organize a trip to Switzerland but the two of them got into a physical altercation that resulted in Alfred punching Bruce and bruising his face. Conceited, Bruce had his lawyer sign an emancipation paper that removed Alfred as his legal guardian before firing him from service and then heading out to another party. Bruce soon became an arrogant womanizing playboy and he encountered Selina in the Iceberg Lounge, which had been converted back to the Sirens following Cobblepot's imprisonment. Although his behavior confused her, she immediately saw through his actions and tried to call him out but he rebuffed her attempts.

Bruce looking up at a vision of his future.

Later on, Bruce woke up hungover in Wayne Manor and encountered Ivy, who had mutated into an older woman with new abilities. Ivy's obsession with plants and the fact that Wayne Enterprises was conducting "Project M," which involved the experimentation and deaths of several plants, ultimately led to her hypnotizing Bruce and forcing him to tell her everything about the project before poisoning him to give him a slow and painful death. Her drug caused Bruce to hallucinate Ra's al Ghul cutting off his face and giving it to another version of him who was more arrogant and rude, showing him what he had become in the past few months after hanging up the cowl. Bruce was then kidnapped by Alfred in the hallucination and was taken back to the same alley where his parents were killed, where he met a dark cloaked figure who claimed that the alley was where he was "born" before attacking Bruce and taking him to a cave. Bruce awakened there and was confronted by the dark figure once more, whom he almost immediately deduced was an older version of himself before the figure morphed into a swarm of bats and attacked Bruce. However, Gordon, who retrieved the antidote from Ivy after she kidnapped Lucius, successfully saved Bruce from being killed.

Bruce after his encounter with Ivy

Bruce then quietly told Gordon that he believed that his vision was real and that he was his "true-self" before informing Gordon that in the vision, he had a mustache, much to the latter's confusion. An apologetic Bruce then left Alfred a voicemail and he begged him to call him back.

Finding His True Calling

"I can show the people of Gotham that standing up to terror is the only way to take its power away."
—Bruce Wayne to Jeremiah Valeska[src]

Bruce grabs the mask made by Alfred, deciding to burn it. He later goes and visits his former butler and apologizes for his behavior. However Alfred tells him if he wants him back, he is going to have to prove that he changed. He later does at a Wayne Enterprises event. Making his parents happy with a speech to the people, but also to Alfred. Ivy later returns with soldiers coming in and crashing the party. Bruce hides but then finds that Alfred needs his help. Bruce sees a leftover mask and bulletproof vest on the ground he can use for a disguise and goes to save Alfred, who is now one of the hostages. Bruce messes with the lights, causing a distraction, and then takes down the hostage-takers. Bruce tries to take Alfred out of the building, but he interrupts Bruce's rescue to tell him that helping the people here is who he is. Bruce understands and pulls up his mask. He takes down one of the armed goons in the building, but then Gordon thinks Bruce is one of them when he sees Bruce in the mask. Bruce is chased by Gordon, but Bruce manages to escape. He then returns to Alfred, who stitches him up from his injuries he sustained in the fight. He decides to stay with Bruce, but wonders why he kept his identity a secret from Gordon. Bruce answers his question by saying he doesn't know.

Meeting Jeremiah Valeska

After Jerome breaks out of Arkham Asylum with Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane) and Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch), Bruce pursues Jerome as he feels responsible for him. During his pursuit, he meets Jeremiah Valeska, Jerome's twin brother. However, unlike Jerome, Jeremiah is a sane and intelligent engineer. His energy project for Gotham makes Bruce interested in his work, which results in Bruce offering him funds through Wayne Enterprises to build the generators and introducing himself as his friend. After the generators were built, it is revealed that Jeremiah has been sprayed by Jerome's laughing gas, which has supposedly failed and has only caused mild cosmetic effects to Jeremiah. He also revealed to Bruce that the generators can also be used as bombs, in which all 52 of them are placed in different locations around Gotham City to create a maze.

Jeremiah plans to "bring the darkness out" of Bruce, the same way Jerome did to him, in order for them to be friends and work together in building a new Gotham. He decides to give him "one bad day", with the means of torturing Alfred, using Scarecrow's fear toxin and shooting Selina. However, the plan ultimately failed. With the help of a resurrected Ra's al Ghul, the bombs are moved to the bridges connecting Gotham to the mainland. In the end, Ra's al Ghul once again dies at the hands of Bruce and Barbara, with him telling the former to "become Gotham's Dark Knight". After the detonation, Gotham has officially been off-limits, with no citizen getting in or out of the city. Bruce decides to stay in the city, as he feels responsible for Jeremiah's doings.

No Man's Land

During Gotham's No Man's Land crisis, Bruce stays in the City despite its dangerous state to protect and fulfill his responsibility, as he blames himself for Gotham's destruction which was caused by Jeremiah and Ra's al Ghul.[7] However, during the course of this timeline, his relationship with Selina continues to improve despite going through ups and downs as usual. Later, he is attacked by Bane and Nyssa al Ghul, Ra's al Ghul's daughter, with the agenda to avenge her father who was killed by Bruce.[8] In order to delay the oncoming attack by Bane's forces, Bruce sacrifices his own assets by blowing up Wayne Tower. After Bruce, Jim Gordon, and the citizens of Gotham City win the battle against Bane and Nyssa, Bruce feels guilty and responsible for all the incidents that happened in the city. He comes to the decision to leave Gotham for good, accepting the unfortunate consequence of abandoning Selina.

A Dark Knight Rises

Bruce Wayne becomes the Dark Knight that Ra's al Ghul foresaw.

Ten years later, Bruce returned to Gotham as a crime-fighting vigilante wearing a bat-shaped costume. For several weeks he was thought to have assaulted the gangs downtown, causing no deaths in the process. The gangs were unable to give a description of him and were ultimately only able to mention a growling voice.

On Monday, April 15, he checked up on Selina and watched her steal a diamond. Now going by the name Batman, he saved James Gordon and his GCPD force from being blown to pieces when he warned them of the rigged explosives at a crime scene. He later captured Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma and left them tied up for the police. He then saved Jim and his daughter, Barbara Lee Gordon from Jeremiah Valeska, striking him through the hand with a bat-shaped boomerang from afar, and then knocking him out by throwing one at his head. He later met with Selina upon a rooftop. Selina recognized him and sobbed that she didn’t want him to protect her and that she wanted him. Bruce told her it was the only way, and Selina wanted to know what would happen now. Bruce said he didn’t know, but assured her that he would never leave Gotham again. He then told her to return the diamond before leaving. Later, standing on a roof as Jim, Alfred, and Harvey looked at him from afar, and Jim recognized him as a friend.


"That's the difference between you and Bruce Wayne. He would try and save everyone."
Selina Kyle to 514A[src]

After the death of his parents, Bruce began to show erratic behavior, such as self-harm,[5] listening to heavy metal, drawing disturbing artwork, refusing to eat, and overall behaving recklessly, doing things such as climbing on top of the roof of the Wayne Mansion, burning himself, and cutting himself, as Alfred says to Jim in season 1. He is very serious, though also kind, caring, selfless, observant, and intelligent. He can sometimes be naive, but despite this, he can easily tell when someone is lying to him or when they are not telling him the entire truth. He shows a great deal of personal strength and maturity for his age. He loved both of his parents very much and becomes angry if anyone speaks ill of them, such as Tommy Elliot, who he physically assaulted after the latter taunted him about his parents' deaths, and disrespected his mother.[11]

Harboring leftover guilt from not doing anything when his parents were murdered, Bruce devoted all of his time and efforts towards finding clues that could be used to discover the identity of the man who killed his parents. Bruce has a strong moral compass to do what is right, showing a huge reprehension against the act of killing, calling the Balloonman a criminal because he did so[6], and berating Selina Kyle for killing Reggie Payne, and telling her that he'd never cross that line.[21]Though Bruce later decided to kill Matches Malone as he had killed his parents, after realizing that Malone was just a man, Bruce realized that he couldn't murder, nor get revenge on evil.[35]

Bruce is shown to be courageous as he handed himself over to Jerome Valeska to bide Alfred's time to save himself from Jerome's followers and again when he attempted to save a citizen from being killed by Jerome. Bruce has also developed a strong sense of justice from investigating the reasons for the murder of his parents, the corruption in Gotham City, and Wayne Enterprises. Bruce's sense of justice is most notably shown when he takes it upon himself to fight and capture Jerome Valeska after he saw the latter murder innocent civilians.

In season 4, Bruce's personality has not changed as he still retains his sense of justice and stubbornness, especially when it comes to Alfred discouraging him from becoming a vigilante, but recently his mental state has started begun to spiral after avenging his parents and accidentally killing Ra's al Ghul. Indeed, this dark path of his has induced Bruce to become an arrogant playboy and womanizer (because he does not want to come to terms with the fact that he has a dark side) a choice his parents most likely would've been most ashamed of and has even given up on his war on crime.

This dark path of his has caused most of his relationships to be destroyed. Most notably, firing Alfred and threatening to have him arrested when Alfred was trying to stop him from spiraling further. After being poisoned by Ivy, Bruce is able to see how corrupt he has become. He is gradually starting to learn how to accept his dark side within the rest of his personality. Bruce makes amends with Alfred by apologizing for his behavior and resumes his fight for justice as a vigilante.

Physical appearance

"He's cute, isn't he?"
Ivy Pepper[src]

Bruce is a young Caucasian male, with dark brown hair. He is of a muscular build as of later episodes and is pretty average to tall for his age. He is found attractive by many girls, including Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper, who both made comments implying they were physically attracted to him.[13]

Under Bruce's secret vigilante identity, he is used to dressing up in black clothes, wearing black pants, shoeing black shoes with his hands wrapped with black gloves and his body is wrapped with a black leather jacket while on his face, in order to hide his identity, he dons a black mask.

10 years later, Bruce uses a Nomex survival suit that resembled a bat, with a cape that helped him glide through the air and a belt with gadgets.


"Yeah, you can chuck a punch, you can block one, you're quick on your toes, I'll give you that."
Alfred Pennyworth[src]
  • Peak of Human Physical Condition: Bruce was trained by both Alfred and the temple Shaman for a long period of time which has led to him being in excellent shape, possessing above-average levels of strength, speed, endurance, metabolism, and senses, but not at superhuman degree, after extensive training from Alfred and the Sensei, his natural muscle power is much greater than most teenagers of his age, he was able to overpower and beat down a full-grown thug using his combat abilities and focused strikes, his reaction time, maneuverability and counterattacks had profoundly increased as well, he could even dodge Selina Kyle's attacks as well as take down an armed thug, who was trying to rob a family, with incredible speed and ferocity, he was able to sense Selina Kyle's presence without looking behind himself (despite the fact that the former has excellent skills in stealth, by feeling the breeze she created when she came through his window) detect the Whisper Gang approaching, and smelled vinegar from another room in Selina's cup. His speed has been remarked on by Alfred and Harvey Bullock.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist: Bruce was trained by Alfred for a long period of time, and during which, he gained basic but efficient hand-to-hand combat skills, Bruce has proven his combat capabilities when he was able to defend himself from Selina Kyle, best Jerome Valeska (though the latter did not fight back and he was finally apprehended by Jim Gordon) and defeated Sonny Gilzean and his goons, Bruce has since gained further combat training with the temple Shaman following his abduction by the Court of Owls, after the Shaman helped him conquer his rage Bruce has become more focused and capable of defeating his opponents without any drawbacks, Bruce has learned the martial art of Escrima while training with the Shaman and was seen training with a Talon in the temple, three months into his role as a vigilante, Bruce has proven to have become a far more skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, singlehandedly taking on thugs and street gangs. Along with Selina Kyle, he defeated The Mutants, and later defeated two of Ecco's henchmen while he was cuffed to a wall. Alfred has also rigorously trained Bruce in various advanced Boxing techniques, and his style also appears to be comprised of Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Judo, Krav Maga, Kali, and Jiujitsu. Following the events of No Man's Land, Bruce spent ten more years of mastering his combat training in order to become Gotham's, Dark Knight. He was able to quickly dispatch Penguin and Riddler. According to Ra's al Ghul; during Bruce's crusade, he has ultimately become one of the greatest combatants in the world.
    • Expert Stick-Fighter: Bruce has become an excellent stick-fighter in the martial art Escrima through his training with the temple Shaman. Bruce has excelled further in this training after the Shaman helped him conquer his rage thus making him more focused and capable of defeating his opponents, most notably a highly trained Talon, when he tried to rescue Jerome Valeska from his uncle Zachary Trumble, he defeated Lunkhead, a former circus strongman and a much larger opponent with a pool cue after a lengthy struggle, albeit with the assistance of Selina Kyle's intervention. In Bruce's youth, he engaged in makeshift swordfights with Alfred using wooden canes.
    • Skilled Swordsman: Bruce is a skilled swordsman, having taken fencing classes while attending Anders Preparatory Academy.
    • Master Marksman: Bruce is an expert marksman with throwing weapons, this is seen when he threw glass shards at a chemically altered madman attacking Alfred, as the Dark Knight, he can throw his batarangs with precision against Mr. J. He is also an expert in using his grappling gun to hold back Selina's hand when she attacked the Mutant gang leader.
  • Free-Running/Acrobatics: After spending some time living on the streets, Bruce was able to jump from rooftop to rooftop with ease as well as perform advanced parkour maneuvers with excellent precision, stamina, and speed. He could also scale the building tops very easily.[48]
  • Stealth/Infiltration/Escapology: Bruce possesses impressive stealth skills, as he was able to easily sneak out of GCPD headquarters without Jim Gordon hearing or noticing him. Bruce was capable of breaking into Blackgate Penitentiary without being detected.[49] He is also a highly capable escape artist, being able to flee a crime scene by blending with the shadows to appear invisible. He used his aptitude for stealth to surgically bring down a group of thugs raiding a clinic's medical supplies.
  • Intimidation: As a vigilante, Bruce has begun using intimidation/individuals' fears to get information and what he wants. Bruce did this to the crime licensing officer to get the list containing the names of all criminals in Gotham who had a license for crime. As the Dark Knight, Bruce commands a far more intimidating presence to the point where most criminals fear him; even high profile criminals; such as Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma respectively were visibly terrified of him in their first encounter.
"That's a good question. Perhaps Bruce Wayne can help us figure that one out."
Nyssa al Ghul to Jim Gordon[src]
  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Despite Bruce's young age and lack of proper experience at the time, he possesses a high-level intellect and above-average mental faculties. As an adult, Bruce is far more intelligent.
    • Expert Investigator: Bruce has become quite the investigator, as he has begun to take notice of even the smallest details, given as he was able to find out that Jim Gordon is dating someone just by looking at the lipstick on his coffee mug. During Pax Penguina, he successfully deduced the existence of Penguin's master list of crime licenses based on their numbers. As an adult, Bruce is an excellent investigator.
    • Criminology: Due to spending years trying to understand the criminal psychology, Bruce has developed a deep knowledge of criminal mindsets and tactics.
    • Great business man: Wayne directs successfully Wayne Enterprise, one of the most prestigious companies in the world
    • Skilled lockpick user: Bruce learned how to pick locks from Selina Kyle. He used his new technical skills to break into Karen Jennings' residence.
    • Archeology: Bruce was able to identify the Court of Owls insignia easily.
    • Network: As the chairman, later the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce has access to a nearly inexhaustible array of funds, technology, intelligence and other resources.
    • Sewing: Bruce possesses sewing skills, as he was able to sew the sleeve of Selina's jacket.[50]
    • Expert of Deception/Manipulator: Bruce is skilled in the art of deception and manipulation; as seen when he managed to hire Tom to get Malone's identity out of Silver St. Cloud.[32]. When he grew up, he was able to maintain his secret identity by acting like an irresponsable philanthropist.
    • Expert Driver: Bruce is an excellent driver. He knows how to drive a car.
"You have got no idea how strong that boy is."
Alfred Pennyworth to Hugo Strange[src]
  • Indomitable Will: Like Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne, he is certain his mission and has the courage to fight for what he believes in without error. Bruce has demonstrated incredible will-power as he was able to break through Sensei's mind control a feat thought impossible, this act profoundly impressed the immortal Ra's.
  • Wealth: Bruce is one of the most richest mans in the world, which allows him to finance his crusade against evil


  • Dark Knight Suit: Bruce wears a protective suit as the Dark Knight, to hide his identity when fighting crime. It was seemingly designed by Lucius Fox.
  • Ballistic Implements: As the Dark Knight, Bruce uses mini boomerangs in the shape of a bat as his primary weapon.
  • Utility belt: As the Dark Knight, Bruce wears a belt designed to carry his gear when he is out fighting crime.
  • Smoke grenades: As the Dark Knight, Bruce uses smoke grenades in order to help make quick exits.

Former equipment

  • Vigilante Suit: Bruce wore a suit as a vigilante, to hide his identity from his enemies when he went out fighting crime, the suit he wore was little more than a jacket, along with a ski mask. Bruce later abandoned this suit, for a military-like suit that he receives from Lucius Fox.
  • Grapple Gun: Bruce used a grapple gun, which he used to break into Blackgate. He later used a more portable grapple gun to stop Selina from killing the Mutant Gang Leader.
  • M84 Stun gGrenade: Bruce used a stun grenade against Talon during a heist attempt at the Court of Owls safehouse.
  • Mustang: Bruce drove a car with a V8 5-liter 460 horsepower engine. The car is painted matte black to make the car reflective and very difficult to see at night. The car is also 100% bulletproof, as it was able to survive two bullet shots from a gun by Alfred.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Lucius made a pair of night vision goggles for Bruce that allowed him to see when the power was out at the Hospital. However, they are sensitive to light; as seen when he was overwhelmed when the lights came back on.


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  • In 2014, showrunner Bruno Heller stated that Batman would not be appearing in Gotham, stating "As soon you're into capes and costumes, it's less interesting than seeing how these people got there."[51] Star Ben McKenzie clarified in 2015 that Bruce Wayne would don the cape in the final shot of the final scene of the final episode.[52] In 2018, it would finally be confirmed that the series finale would end in a ten-year time jump,[53] with Batman wearing a matte, metallic short-eared battlesuit that showrunner John Stephens compared to the The Dark Knight Rises batsuit.[54]
    • In February 2019, it was stated by Stephens that Batman would be featured all throughout the episode and not just in the final scene, "The last episode is one scene in the timeline of the rest of the season, and then the rest of the episode is in the future. It almost feels in a weird way like another pilot."[55] However, Batman ultimately wasn't shown until the final shot of the episode (as originally planned).
    • According to Stephens, it was planned to not show Batman until the final frame since Season 1 because the series is told from the eyes of Jim Gordon.[56]
    • Batman uses David Mazouz's face and voice, but he is physically played by Mikhail Mudrik.[57]
  • The show's Batman costume is described by showrunner Danny Cannon as a "highlight reel" of all the best Batsuits from the comics. They originally asked Warner Bros. Pictures to borrow one of the Batman costumes from the films, but they declined.[58]
  • David Mazouz practiced developing his Batman voice long before the finale was filmed.[58]
  • Bruce is a fan of Deliverance.[5]
  • Bruce's favorite animals are owls.[59]
  • As of "Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies", Bruce has taken an oath never to kill, which foreshadows him becoming Batman. However, Bruce later breaks this oath by killing Ra's al Ghul; albeit by accident.
  • It has been revealed by Chris Chalk in an interview in January 2018 that by the end of season four, Bruce will be eighteen years old. He celebrated his eighteenth birthday in the episode "That's Entertainment".
    • Season Four had already suggested Bruce was in his late teens, as Bruce is seen in bed with girls during his self-destructive billionaire playboy streak.
  • Bruce's birthday being February 19, might be a reference to the DC comics, in which Bruce's birthday is also February 19.[citation needed] Coincidentally, David Mazouz's birthday falls on February 19.
  • Bruce has so far had three known love interests, as are listed in order; Selina Kyle, Silver St. Cloud, and Grace Blomdhal.
  • Bruce used to go to private school, until the death of his parents, he began being homeschooled.
    • This appears to have started after the Order of St. Dumas made an attempt on his life, as he was still going to school at the time.
  • The scene in "A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness" in which Bruce has an encounter with his future self could be a reference to the pivotal storyline moment in which Bruce is inspired to create his Batman persona after having an encounter with a flock of bats.
  • Bruce is right-handed.
  • The way that Bruce stealthy sneaks away from Jim Gordon in GCPD without him hearing or seeing him do so in "Pax Penguina" is a reference to how Batman stealthily sneaks away from Gordon in traditional Batman lore. In the episode "Pena Dura", Bruce also vanishes in a very similar fashion after a conversation with Harvey Bullock.
  • Bruce is often seen wearing a dark coat throughout No Man's Land in Season 5. As confirmed by Gotham writer Tze Chun, this costume piece is based on the coat Bruce Wayne used to wear in the 1987 comic book story arc Batman: Year One by Frank Miller.[60]
  • Bruce hates magicians.[61]
  • As of the No Man's Land event, after the death of Tabitha Galavan, he shared something in common with Silver St. Cloud, they are both the last survivors of their families.
  • Bruce's favorite food is, or at least was grilled cheese and Branston pickle sandwich.[62]
  • Bruce is 29 by the end of the series, since by the time of the season 4 episode "A Dark Knight: That's Entertainment", Bruce celebrates his 18th birthday, and since the season 5 episode "They Did What?" takes place over a year later, making Bruce 19, plus the ten year time jump makes him 29 by the time of "The Beginning...".
    • This coincides with the comics, wherein most incarnations, Bruce becomes Batman at 29. (In Pre-Crisis, and the New 52.)
  • Throughout the entire series, Bruce has never been called "Batman" (directly or indirectly) however, Ra's al Ghul has called Bruce the "Dark Knight".

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Bruce Wayne was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939). Originally referred to as "the Bat-Man" and still referred to at times as "the Batman", the character is additionally known as "the Caped Crusader", "the Dark Knight", and "the World's Greatest Detective", among other titles. Batman became a very popular character soon after his introduction and gained his own comic book title, Batman, in 1940. An American cultural icon, Batman has been licensed and adapted into a variety of media, from radio to television and film, and appears on a variety of merchandise sold all over the world such as toys and video games. The character has also intrigued psychiatrists with many trying to understand the character's psyche.
  • Like in season 4, Bruce has fought as a vigilante prior to becoming Batman in other media. In the 1993 animated movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, he fought criminals whilst donning a black outfit and balaclava (similar to the attire he wore when beginning his vigilante work at the end of season 3), and in the comics, in the 1950s Bruce was the original Robin. He was also shown to fight in a black outfit prior to becoming Batman in the Year One comic as well as in the film Batman Begins.
  • In the DC comics, Bruce puts up a fake façade of him being an arrogant playboy and womanizer; in order to avoid other individuals from suspecting that he is Batman.


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