"We must have spent years up here watching these birds..."
Selina Kyle to Bridgit Pike[src]

Pigeons were kept and fed by Bridgit Pike in a coop on a rooftop in Gotham City. After Bridgit was presumed dead, her friend Selina Kyle used to take care of the birds.


Following Bridgit Pike killing her brothers as Firefly, Selina Kyle met her near the pigeon coop where Bridgit was upgrading her flamethrower, telling her that they must have spent years on that roof watching the birds. Bridgit told Selina that she plans to use her new talents on the bullies and the perverts as Selina advised Bridgit not to get killed. Later that night, Selina mourned about Bridgit's apparent death by the pigeon coop, feeling more alone than ever. What she didn't know is that Bridgit's still-alive body was taken to an underground Indian Hill facility that is owned by Wayne Enterprises.[1]

Weeks later, Bruce Wayne found Selina feeding the birds of Bridgit Pike on the roof, where she voiced her knowledge of the recent news. Although Selina didn't care about Hugo Strange's experiments at Indian Hill that revived Victor Fries and Theo Galavan, Bruce told her what Strange did with Bridgit. Thereupon, Selina persuaded Bruce to let him help her get into Arkham Asylum as she knew a way in.[2]

While waiting for Selina at the pigeon coop where Bridgit Pike once fed the birds, Bruce thought Selina was returning only to encounter Ivy Pepper who was surprised that Bruce that he was living at Wayne Manor again. This caused Bruce to suspect that Selina Kyle was still on her secret trip to Arkham Asylum.[3]

About six months later, Ivy questioned Selina about the type of people she was being involved with, while latter was feeding Bridgit's pigeons. Selina told her that they were scary people and won't let her come along for her own good. She afterwards ordered Ivy to look after the pigeon coop while she is gone, and then departed, leaving Ivy on her own. Just thereafter, Ivy was approached by what appeared to be Bruce Wayne. However, he acted weird and questioned Ivy about Selina. Believing this boy was the real Bruce, she asked him what has happened to him due to his unkempt appearance and long hair. When the confused boy asked her if she knows him, she said she knows Bruce Wayne, leading to the boy to forcefully grab her demanding who he is. Terrified, Ivy shaked him off and made a quick run for it.[4]


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