Brant Jones is a student of Anders Preparatory Academy.


Brant is a friend of Grace Blomdhal, Tommy Elliot, and Emma Hsueh. When Grace bring Bruce Wayne to his home he begins to taunt Bruce asking whether his butler buttles with him. He begins to press a nerve with Bruce and before Bruce can react, Grace intervenes and asks about Brant's connection to a certain club in which Brant and rest head to the club. When they arrive, The bouncer states that Brant's name is not on the list. When Brant begins to get frustrated, Bruce states that he knows who Brant is and that he doesn't care. In retaliation, he calls Bruce a dork and a freak. After this, Bruce walks toward a man talking to him for about two minutes and coming back stating that everyone but Brant can come in and Brant asks the bouncer to talk to the owner in which the bounce points at Bruce and Bruce says that he bought the place and Brant leaves.[1]


Season 4


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