Boardwalk Circus is located somewhere in Gotham City.


Since the blackout, Gotham City descended into chaos as the GCPD worked to detain any acolytes that they catch while enforcing a curfew for innocent civilians to stay off the streets. It was also mentioned that they took over different locations at Gotham City like Anders Park, Gotham Cathedral, the Gotham Zoo, the Hillside Conservatory, the courthouse, and the Boardwalk Circus. Jerome Valeska led his followers into raiding Wayne Manor in order to abduct Bruce Wayne. While Jerome made off with Bruce Wayne, he left some of his followers behind to do away with Alfred Pennyworth. Jim Gordon managed to arrive where he helps Alfred kill the followers. Jerome brings Bruce to the Boardwalk Circus where his followers are torturing the people there like having them do "Whac-a-Mole," throwing darts at the balloons on them, making them ride the carousel at gunpoint, and placing them in a dunk tank filled with piranhas. For the final event, Jerome in ringmaster attire has a cannon filled with a cannonball and knives where he will have it fired at Bruce Wayne in front of his followers. When Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and Alfred Pennyworth arrive with the Strike Force, Bruce uses one of the staples Jerome put on his arm in order to undo the handcuffs which he manages to do before the cannon goes off. While Bruce fights Jerome in the funhouse, Gordon, Bullock, and Alfred fight the followers. When Bruce emerges victorious and reunites with Alfred, Jerome also appears and Gordon punches him into unconsciousness enough for his face to come off. After Jerome is arrested and having his face reattached by the doctors before being sent to Arkham Asylum, the remaining followers of Jerome are either being rounded up or have surrendered to the GCPD.[1]


Season 3


  • Even though the name Boardwalk Circus is an original creation for the TV series, the circus itself greatly resembles a circus taken over by the Joker in the comic book Batman: The Killing Joke (May 1988) by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. The circus also pays a couple of homages to the comic book The Dark Knight Returns (February - June 1986) by Frank Miller. The standoff between Bruce and Jerome in the glass house is a reference to this, such as Bruce using the mirrors to lure Jerome and cause him to fire upon them, a tactic Batman used against the Joker.


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