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Joker1943 Joker1943 9 February 2021


Recently I got all five seasons of Gotham and my plan is to watch them all and write down all the villains

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Lupo95GxD Lupo95GxD 23 November 2020

New series at risk of flop

Apparently they want to dedicate a new prequel series to the DCEU Batman before he became Batman. I honestly doubt it will be successful so shortly after Gotham's ending ... they had better say the film is a continuation of the series. By the way there would be a comic sequel to Gotham, what do you think?

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CrackheadMcGee CrackheadMcGee 31 October 2020

Gotham Body Count

This is a full list of every single death in the show, I hope you enjoy it!

  • 1 Victims
    • 1.1 Before the Series
    • 1.2 Season One
      • 1.2.1 Pilot
      • 1.2.2 Selina Kyle
      • 1.2.3 The Balloonman
      • 1.2.4 Arkham
      • 1.2.5 Viper
      • 1.2.6 Spirit of the Goat
      • 1.2.7 Penguin's Umbrella
      • 1.2.8 The Mask
      • 1.2.9 Harvey Dent
      • 1.2.10 Lovecraft
      • 1.2.11 Rogues' Gallery
      • 1.2.12 What The Little Bird Told Him
      • 1.2.13 Welcome Back, Jim Gordon
      • 1.2.14 The Fearsome Dr. Crane
      • 1.2.15 The Scarecrow
      • 1.2.16 The Blind Fortune Teller
      • 1.2.17 Red Hood
      • 1.2.18 Everyone Has a Cobblepot
      • 1.2.19 Beasts of Prey
      • 1.2.20 Under the Knife
      • 1.2.21 The Anvil or the Hammer
      • 1.2.22 All Happy Families Are Alike
    • 1.3 Season Two
      • 1.3.1 Damned If You Do...
      • 1.3.2 Knock, Knock
      • 1.3.3 The Last Laugh
      • 1.3.4 Strike Force
      • 1.3.5 Scarification
      • 1.3.6 By Fire
      • 1.3.7 Mommy's Little Monster
      • 1.3.8 Tonight's the …

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MissJoony MissJoony 21 October 2020

My Cory Michael smith Art

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 23 September 2020


I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but some a-holes are messing up our wiki! THe Edward Nygma page is gone! The Bruce Wayne name has been polluted, charcaters are being put in categories they shouldn't be in, fan boys are creaming over characters AND THE LAST THING I WILL STAND HAS HAPPENED. Someone put a picture on Oswald Cobblepot's page! And it was Headhunter, now someone needs to get a new pciture for Oswald's page! I. AM. FED UP. And who the f**k is Bruce Lee and Edward Brogan! Oh so Admins please respond!!!! Take ActioN! This is your wiki!!!!!!!!! BSeriously they scum bags need to get god damn banned soon or else I'm gonna f**kin leave. seriously this s**t's gone too far! 

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 27 August 2020

Been awhile ay?

Okay... So how is evrryone during covid? I know that of course in some countries it's chilling down but I just wanna check up on evryone who's in a country that isn't. 

PS. I'm the 11th on the leaderboard now so... well... I'd just like to thank ... me, me and me... augh I'm justing kidding, I love this wiki and this community hope most of you really enjoy this and every day after this one.

P.P.S Anyone gonna try and do halloween? I'm gonna be Oswald (of course), anyone else gonna try? 

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Hannimite Hannimite 6 August 2020

Gotham updates

Welcome, I will be posting updates sometimes, I will also be posting my art and such

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 4 June 2020

Thawson am i right?

Okay so Harvey Dent is friends with Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya… and so is Thawson… Gilda Thawson. If you don't get it Harvey Dent's wife in the comics is Gilda Gold, so just replace the Gold with doctor Thawson and boom! Just got our selves a possible love-interest for Harvey Dent in the "future". And by that I mean never cause Gotham's over... : (

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 24 May 2020


yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on the leaderboard!!!!! YESSSS!!!!! I have a new badge!!!!!!!! God thank you! Gilzean crime family thank you!!!!!

Oh so this is something I need YOU to do... Check if I'm right with this; So in episode 2 of Gotham we find out that Arkham has been closed for 15 years, kay? Randal Milky aka The spirit of the goat strikes about 12 years before the series begins... Jane doe is sent to Arkham -BTW that means that Harvey and Dix where only partners for like 3 years! If I'm right- Now I know what your thinking! Clearly she was sent after Arkham was closed, and then re-opened and experimented on by Hugo Strange . But... not necessarily. We don't no how old she was when…

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 22 May 2020

My 100th Article "Transmission"

Hi I, Ripprowl2009. I'm about to earn a badge of "extremely-awesome proportions!" I'm GONNA add my 100th Page to a article!

SO yeah! Awesome!!!!!!! Can't wait!

Anyway I feel selfish talking about myself:


In Australia the Coronavirus is basically running home scared!

In other places it's not going well... but it will... soon... oh so soon... (One day)… We will get a Gotham season 6... we must have hope... For even in darkness... There is light.

Thank you Shelly Lawson... for being my 100th added article...

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 19 May 2020

Gotham's weird way of saying "Good guys always win".

In Ruin Jim told Harvey to give Victor Zsasz his gun, after Victor says that Gotham Will always Belong To the Bad guys. Anyway Victor Refuses to use the Gun to kill Jim.

You know in 'The dark knight' when both people on boats show goodness in them... I think this was Gotham's way of saying that, like, "Nah, even scum like Victor Zsasz have good in them, good that Batman fights for".


See what I'm saying?

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Tonystarksapprentice Tonystarksapprentice 16 May 2020

Ra's Al Ghul Time flux

if Ra's said he died at 125 A.D. and he stated it was 2,000 years later, wouldn't it make gotham in the year 2,125?

this doesnt exactly line up with the comic timeline or the theoretical one.

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 15 May 2020

Gotham Gazette volume 12...

No blog post tomorrow... YEAH!!!!!!!! WOO!!!! GOD YEAh! I MEAN... um... I know its sad.... No blog posts on Saturdays...

Anyway just repeat myself; How do you feel about the Harley Quinn show?

So this week there wasn't much to talk about beside Covid-19 stuff, but that's okay, I'm sure things will get pretty bad... but in the end we'll still be here... waiting for season 6...

Was that messed up? I hope I don't get censored...

So my new wiki going well... tell me, have you ever made a wiki?

Oh so... who thinks the bullet Tabitha tried to use to kill Oswald was made from the knife that killed Gertrud… that'd be cool, right? Yeah... that'd be cool... Like maybe Penguin kept it... hoping he could someday use it to kill Tabitha. But... Desperate t…

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 14 May 2020

Gotham Gazette

Volume 11... or 12

Anyway has anyone heard of the new Harley quin show? Of course you have! Tell me what you think in the comment-section. Personally I hate Harley Quin as a character MOST of the time. This version of the character doesn't look very special but... MEH. The humour's decent and some scenes are really cool... Some. Bye, don't be scared BTW coronavirus will be gone soon : 3

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 13 May 2020

Gotham Gazette volume 10

This will be my 200th edit... WOW

Gotham: Edward Nygma has been arrested and put in Arkham.

… Nothing new I guess... Um... Mario Calvi am I right? …

So coronavirus is still being a little shight.

Sorry for making this such a short Blog post, btw I am totally not just writing this to fill in space, no sir-ry. I am not writing this specific sentence just to fill in space and make my blog post look bigger : )

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 12 May 2020

Gotham Gazette volume 9

UGH...………………………… I AM IN PAIN. I don't think I can do this every day except Saturday... but I'm gonna try!

Are you good?

I started my own wiki a couple of weeks ago and now - Thanks to all the things I've learned on here - I can actually make it half decent... I know right? weird.


Former Mayor Cobblepot's trial has been delivered and he's off to blackgate…. Ed Nygma is still allusive after leaving several clues around the gcpd headquarters taunting them.

Breaking news!!! Hero commissioner Jim Gordon solved them and believes he has found the location of Edward Nygma...

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 12 May 2020

Gotham Gazette: Volume 8

SO SORRY... Can you please forgive me for missing a day? Of course you will! anyway... So I've hit like almost 200 edits... that's pretty cool...

Enough about me:

News about the coronavirus in Australia, new Zeland and a few other places sounds good.

… I'm sorry about Italy, America, England and China which are really suffering from this Pandemic. Anyway back to In Gotham stuff: Ex Mayor Oswald Cobblepot has been arrested... and stuff. The psychiatrists at Arkham say he's got a full bill of health. COMPLETLEY SANE. Because of this he will be sent to Blackgate Penitentiary instead of Arkham.

Breaking news!!! Another episode will come out tonight... promise...

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 10 May 2020

Gotham Gazette! Yo

May 10th 2020 Gotham Gazette volume 7... i think 

So it's been a WHOLE week.... Damn... So i hope you've enjoyed my Blogs. Everyday except saturday kay? 

Anyway. The main land has been united with Gotham and that is... great. They Did What? 

So... hows your day been? I don't wanna spread rumors about our former mayor Oswald Cobblepot but... i've heard that ever since we reunited with the main land he's been trying to restart Gotham's criminal underworld. But those are just rumors. And it's been 5 and a half months since these rumors started, i'm sure the police would've done something by now if they where tr- 

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Jim Gordon has just arrested former mayor Oswald Cobblepot in central Gotham. 200+ witnesses say Penguin tried to ki…

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 8 May 2020

Gotham Gazette! let sgo!

Gotham gazette volume 6... maybe...

Ripprowl2009 a somewhat new-comer to the GOTHAM wiki has hit 100!!!!! His 100th edit!!!! According to the reports he is extremely excited. BTW tomorrow is Saturday so no new Blog... Kay...

My first week of blog posts... hope you guys like these blogs cause you better get use to them... I mean unless I get kicked off the site... but that won't happen... right? If you don't know every day except Saturday I post a blog about stuff in Gotham or just random stuff... I don't know anymore.

Breaking news!!! It's Day 97 and the army has just arrived!!!

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 7 May 2020

Gotham Gazette: Trapped

I'm... I'm trapped in... Leopards territory... Oh wait... Jim Gordon is coming to the rescue! YES! I'm in the safe zone... Okay so now I can tell you your normal news. Kay so the weather is... MEh. Yeah... not much to say today... but don't worry I will STRETCH it out. So... how's your day? You know with everything going on in the world with the "Cataclysm" and stuff. I'm sure the GCPD will find a cure for the poison known as Crime-[[1]], that has destroyed so much of our beloved city.


Breaking news! "Crime" is dropping in a-lot of countries!!!!

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 6 May 2020

GOTHAM GAZETTE: No mans land! = HELL

Gotham gazette volume 4:

Here I am stuck in a fortified office praying that the animals outside won't find me... but than... I hear a noise... someone's in my office! I hide under my desk hoping there a moron and won't check there... I see shoes. Definitely belong to a male... or someone resembling a male?!

The shoes are black... shiny... that reminds me of something... Oh yeah the way- OH S**T!!!! Please don't kill me!!!!! Oh... It's...

Jim Gordon Hero cop!!! I'm rescued... wait... what do you mean there's Lo Boyz surrounding us!? NO! Where being separated!!! Jim! Help! …

Where am I?!

Breaking news!!!!! I am lost in a un-known territory!!!! …

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 4 May 2020

GOTHAM GAZETTE: It's been more than a year...


Cheers began to Raugh after the police finally found a cure for the toxin in Robinson park. Sadly... all Cheers are gone. Jeremiah Valeska the twin brother of Anarchist/Terrorist Jerome Valeska destroyed the Gotham Clock Tower earlier today...

A homeless man pleads guilty to stealing Jerome's Corpse right out of his Grave. Police now refuse to arrest him.

Breaking news!!!! It's been more than a year since the finally of Gotham... and that is truly sad...

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 4 May 2020

Gotham Gazette: Good "morning" GOTHAM (WIKI)!

GOTHAM GAZETTE VOLUME 2. Date: 4/05/2020.

'Good "morning" Gothamites!'

Today Mayor Aubrey James has declared that rumors about him dealing drugs was a false attempt by fellow GIANT JERK Gordon Godfrey to ruin his image! Not that his image could truly get any worse. In other news Jerome Valeska's corpse has finally been recovered. It was found near Robinson park at 12:46 last night by a 'Lady who likes plants who totally didn't just poison Robinson park.'

Breaking news!!!!!! Ripprowl2009 has declared that 'GOTHAM Gazette' will be a daily "newspaper". Except on Saturdays...

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Ripprowl2009 Ripprowl2009 3 May 2020

Gotham Gazette: Ripprowl2009 starts GOTHAM season 6 fanfic!


Ripprowl a new-comer to the GOTHAM wiki has been reported "starting Gotham season 6", a fan project which will be worked on by; Ripprowl2009, Ripprowl2009 and most famously RIPprowl2009. What will come of this fan-series you ask? That's up to Ripprowl to decide. According to the reports he will be putting his heart into this project and hopes you all check it out on his deviantart account: Ripprowl2009. - Generic writer/reporter.

BREAKING NEWS! Ripprowl2009 has been confirmed to be ALIGNED LOVE; A youtuber with 42 subscribers and a fetish for transformers! ==

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Joshua8816 Joshua8816 25 April 2020

Message From A Member

Hey Everybody! I just want to send this message and say Stay Safe! I hope everybody is okay and well. The coronavirus is in fact slowing down. Hope everybody is okay and we can make it through these difficult times...By binge-watching Gotham of course ;) 

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LukeAtkins87 LukeAtkins87 21 April 2020

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Hello everyone, I hope you're all staying safe during these difficult times. It's really nice to see so many new faces stepping up to try and improve this wik£.

It's been almost an entire year since I decided to adopt this wiki, and it's a shame I haven't put as much time into it as I would want to. It's mainly personal life, as I do have a job and a family - but that doesn't mean I'm going anywhere. If anyone wants to join the moderating team, please leave a message on my wall (just know that I will be looking at your past contributions to see if you are fit enough).

I would like to take this moment to thank my fellow admins for helping me out, when I first decided to adopt the wiki I clearly wasn't fit enough (and, truth be told, I still h…

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Joshua8816 Joshua8816 12 April 2020

Sad Gotham Ended...Anybody have s6 fan fic?

I would Love to read some gotham s6 fan fic or just any Gotham fan fiction does anybody know where I can get one?

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I was wrong to making blogpost about Chase McFly

That was a huge mistake I made but I will never makes that same mistake again because it not right for me to do. Now I understand not I won’t get back to the Arrowverse Wiki. I had ton of theories on the Arrowverse Wiki but I could do it next season. It will be to late for my current on current seasons on most of arrowverse tv show.

I going own IHHeroes a thanks you for teaching my mistake and I promise I never makes that same mistake never again.

Now I understand that I can’t get out early because I just own my mistake.

Doing that stupid blogpost about Chase McFly is wrong way because I wanted to learn respect for every users their and most all Th admins too.

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IHHeroes Won’t let me back the arrowverse wiki

I always wanted to put theories on the other tv like the Batwoman and the flash!

he never give  me a second chances or third chances.

he will never listen to me!

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki

i wanted to po…

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NosanctuaryonIG NosanctuaryonIG 3 November 2019

Batman: Born Into Darkness.

Batman: Born Into Darkness is a hypothetical film I am developing. The most I will do is write a script and do a fan-cast. No actual film will be made, and I will eventually make an extended universe.

Rules: This is what a DC film would be like if I had unlimited resources, so I won't be casting any deceased actors or actresses because this is grounded in reality, so despite me wanting Heath Ledger as Deadshot, I can't. I also am not casting people who have portrayed those specific characters before in any way, including voicing. So I can't cast David McCallum as Alfred Pennyworth because he voiced Al in the DCAMU and Batman: Gotham Knight, and I can't cast Matthew Gray Gubler as The Riddler because he voiced Ed in Assault on Arkham. Finall…

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LukeAtkins87 LukeAtkins87 14 June 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT: Adopting the wiki

Hey everyone! It's been a whole 2 months without an active crat, so I've decided to adopt the wiki. This just means that I have more responsibility and I can promote users to admins.

Wish me luck!

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AlmightyDino AlmightyDino 5 May 2019

Got-Ham: Season 6: Continuation

Season 6 is the mock continuation of Gotham ran by AlmightyDino. It ran for three episodes in May 2019 following the original conclusion of Gotham. In February 2021 the series was revived for a feature length "epilogue" special to bring the series to a proper closure.

  • 1 Cast
    • 1.1 Main
    • 1.2 Recurring
  • 2 Episodes
    • 2.1 Episode 101: Beginning of the Fat-Man
    • 2.2 Episode 102: The Wonderland Family
    • 2.3 Episode 103: Legion of the Forgotten
    • 2.4 Episode 4: Redemption of the Hat-Man
  • 3 Confirmed Plot Points

  • Ben McKenzie as Commissioner Gordon
  • David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne
  • Donal Logue as Captain Bullock
  • Robin Lord Taylor as The Parrot
  • Cory Michael Smith as The Art Thief
  • Lili Simmons as The Cat
  • Sean Pertwee as Alfred Beagle
  • David Zayas as Don Maroni
  • Benedict Samuel as Hat-Man

  • Cameron Monagh…

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The "Jokers" of Gotham - Was this ever the plan?

I know how things have basically gone now, but when I look at people talking about Gotham when it was new, they tend to say that the writers were planning to introduce several characters who could be The Joker, but it was going to be unclear. The way they talk about it makes it look like (or outright says) that this meant that the plan was for there to be literally many potential Jokers, possibly ranging from obvious candidates (like Jerome), to possible candidates who fit in with versions of The Joker, who aren't quite there yet (like the comedian in the first episode), to possibly even characters who are nothing like any version of The Joker, but could still have their "one bad day" at any moment.

They may have sort of done this - there is…

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Haydeng1357 Haydeng1357 2 May 2019

Team Oswald or Team Fish for season 1? (I know, it's late)

Just leave your opinion in the comments. Were you Team Fish or Team Oswald for season 1. I was Team Fish.

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BaneTheBurrito BaneTheBurrito 2 May 2019

Villains Section

When checking the villains section near the top of the site in "Characters", it's weird how Professor Pyg was added to it while Nyssa and Ivy were removed. It just doesn't make sense as to why a deceased villain that was only used for less than a season is recognized as someone who would represent the general villains more than someone like Ivy. Also, shouldn't Jeremiah Valeska be changed to "Mr. J" since he no longer goes by Jeremiah at all?

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MrPSr MrPSr 26 April 2019

Gotham : Too little, too late.

Just when it starts getting SUPER GOOD ! Did it really have to end? This was the kind of show that could have gone on for 5 more years. I can think of a few other shows that could have gone in Gothams place. I know it was by choice. ..wasn't it? , but come on. This is the type of show that was teaching our youth the meaning of good vs. bad. In an early evening kind of way without rated R attributes. Wow! What a shame ! Can't you Executives at least think about it? PLEASE ! For the sake of Gothamites everywhere, We implore you. Just think of all the money you could make doing the next Gotham:Black Knight series? ! Just ask the fans. Check the ratings.

Yours truly, A Batman Fan Forever P.S. - I turn 60 on May 7th. I watched the orig…

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LukeAtkins87 LukeAtkins87 12 April 2019


Please check the rules and guidelines as I have updated it. Thank you.

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Queen Siren Queen Siren 15 January 2019

Only 5 Seasons?

I get it, the show needs to end eventually. After all, Bruce is already a teenager, if they just make new episodes, he will eventually end up being an adult. I feel like in season 4, they added a lot of villains that come later in Batman history like Hangman, (Sofia Falcone,) Ra's al-Ghul, and potentially the Joker. Traditionally, these are not people that exist when Bruce is still young, at least in their villainy. They would be the same age as Bruce, give or take. I think if I were the producer of this incredible show, I would have found a way to start it when Bruce was a little older, if possible. Maybe then, it could be turned into a full-fledged Batman show. Then, this wonderful portrayal of these traditional Batman characters …

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Haydeng1357 Haydeng1357 2 January 2019

Season 5 Episode 4

So, Season 5 Episode 4 is one of the saddest episodes, but why? Well, I have an answer. During this episode Barbara faces one of the worst days of her life. This day brings her closer to Jim Gordon. What is the worst day of her life about? Well, I can't say, but when you find out you will pour out tears just like I did. She gets very depressed this season and goes down a very dark path. Jim notices this destruction and forms an alliance. Honestly, from there it's hard to describe, but it is the saddest episode of the season, even more so than Season 5 Episode 9.   Tune in January 3rd for answers. Have a wonderful day, Gothamites.

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Aidan0007 Aidan0007 30 November 2018

Discord server

Hey everyone, if your interested. I made a discord server for Gotham. If ya wanna join, link is down below:

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Xandermcc Xandermcc 28 August 2018

Gotham: City of Monsters review

So i have been recently catching up on my hobby of reviewing novels and TV shows. This being my sixth one. The first here on Gotham. The second book in the series Gotham has made in between the show. This one in between Season 2 and 3. What happened while Gotham was ravaged by monsters? Well lets get into it.

  • 1 Story
  • 2 Positives
  • 3 Negatives
  • 4 Overall Opinion

So the book starts literally where Season 2 ended. Only entirely from Fish Mooney's perspective. Allowing us to catch up on how this character looks at the world through new eyes. The monsters escape into Gotham, and Fish runs off on her own. Then it skips to about a month or so into this new Gotham. Selina is doing a standard job as a distraction for a bank robbery, but it is for a monster tam…

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Darkknight2149 Darkknight2149 12 August 2018

Loose ends and unanswered questions for season 5

Given all of the things that they need to address in the 10-episode Season 5 before the show ends, not to mention all of the extra characters announced (Man-Bat, Lady Shiva, Mother and Orphan, The Ventriloquist, potentially Calendar Man, ETC), I don't think there is any room for them to develop Harvey Dent into Two-Face.

It would also be somewhat refreshing to see a single major villain (in this case, Harvey Dent) not to turn into their supervillain counterpart before Bruce Wayne is Batman. However, here is what they absolutely NEED to address in the final season:

• What happened to Harvey Dent's partner that led to his anger problems? This mystery was briefly set up in Season 1 and was never mentioned again.

• They need to explain all of the…

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Nightslayer2 Nightslayer2 20 May 2018

Ideas For Gotham Season 5

Gotham so far has been the best show ever. There's not a thing that I would want to be changed. Season 5 is going to be the final season of the show, so I have some ideas for it and things that I would like to see. 

Make Harvey Dent Become Two-Face:  Harvey Dent becomes one of the people willing to stay behind to help Gotham City. During which, something happens that viciously damages half of his face. Dent, now calling himself Two-Face, goes insane. Two-Face kidnaps Gordon and puts him on trial for his activities after Gotham City is declared a "No Man's Land", with Two-Face as both judge and prosecutor for Gordon's illegal alliance with him; but Gordon plays upon Two-Face's split psyche to make Harvey Dent his defense attorney. Dent cross…

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CadenBatman CadenBatman 19 May 2018

Season 4


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Speakrbeakr Speakrbeakr 2 April 2018


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NathanJohnson NathanJohnson 24 January 2018

Gotham Season 4B: What is to come

  • Jerome Valeska will have a bigger role this time around, and will feature in more than three episodes.
  • We will be having a massive team up of supervillains, which David Mazouz has described as the "Justice League of Villains". Cameron Monaghan also teased the team up with a photo from Batman: The Long Halloween showing the villains together. Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter is also returning, and Clayface is presumably going to be part of the team up as well. Scarecrow is also coming back, this time with a new actor.
  • Most exciting of all, Bruce's fear of bats will be introduced this season.
  • It has been confirmed by David Mazous and Cameron Monaghan that Jerome is not the Joker (which producers have confirmed several times before). According to Mazou…
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Xandermcc Xandermcc 8 December 2017

Batman? The Cave?

So Gotham is going on their nearly year long break again. However what do we see in a trailer for the episodes going forward once it returns? Well tons of things. However one thing is this at 0:43 of the trailer. A cave Bruce is inside after Ivy kisses him. This cave has a shadowy figure with a cape on. This figure in the cave seems to be Batman. Inside a cave with many shadows around shaped like bats. This seems to be teasing Batman. However how can Bruce see his future self? Well similar to the drugs Gordon took that made him see some weird things from his past in that Red Queen episode, this seems to have Bruce see his future because of Ivy messing with his head using her plant based toxins through her lips. She usually uses them on Bat…

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Tacoman999 Tacoman999 6 December 2017

What Happened to Ivy?

In one of the early episodes in Season 4, Ivy broke into a medical store and drank a bunch of harmful stuff and her face became mutated and she looked a little green. Is this her transformation to "Poison" Ivy and when will she return?

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Maymichael Maymichael 14 November 2017

Me here on Gotham Wiki

I'm new here, but I know how to edit things.

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123BC 123BC 16 October 2017

Time Period

Dear  fellow Gotham wiki users, I was wondering what year does Gotham take place in? I'm guessing that takes place sometime around 1996, as I've people use flip phones, and according to my research flip phones were first invented in 1996. Also because there appears to be no sign of any touch screen devices, such as iPhones or iPads. And judging by the looks of the TV's that people own on the show. In my opinion, I think that Gotham takes place around the late 90's or the early 2000's. What year do you think Gotham takes place in? thanks

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