Bill Cranston was a corrupt lieutenant in the Gotham City Police Department. He was killed by The Balloonman.


Lt. Bill Cranston flying into the air to his death after being attatched to the air-balloon by the Balloonman

Crantson flying into the air to his death.

Cranston was a corrupt police officer, infamous for using his award from the Chamber of Commerce, which he named "O'Brien", to beat confessions out of suspects. Interrogating a perpetrator named Luke, Cranston asked for someone to find O'Brien, meeting Jim Gordon when doing so. Later, he is found beating down a drug dealer for not paying him enough. He is then confronted by the Balloonman. Though Cranston proves more able to hold on his own against the vigilante, the Balloonman is able to hook his balloon onto Cranston's ankle, lifting him up into the air. His body later falls to the ground, crushing and killing a woman while she was walking her dog.[1]


Season 1


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