"Don't vex me, mortal."

Benny was a Gotham City street guitarist, who was later affected by the drug known as Viper.


Benny was a junkie, given a vial of Viper by Stan Potolsky while playing his guitar to earn money for drugs, as he emphasized with a sign placed within his guitar case. After inhaling the contents of the vial, Benny proceeded to rob a nearby mini-market with his new-found strength, attacking the cashier and ripping the ATM from its place with his bare hands. After being discovered by Detectives Gordon and Bullock, he desperately pleaded for help shortly before his bones began to crumble, and he ultimately met his demise. [1]


Season 1


  • Benny's name may be an homage to Bane, the most famous character to use Venom (of which Viper is the early version in this series) in the DC Comics, as it coincides with popular fan nickname of Bane.


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