Barbara Kean's penthouse was the penthouse of Barbara Kean in Gotham City.


Barbara Kean lived at the apartment with her fiancée Jim Gordon.[1] However she ended up leaving him, and Jim later vacated the apartment. Selina Kyle began residing at the empty apartment and later invited her friend Ivy Pepper along. Barbara caught them when she returned to the apartment but allowed them to stay.

When Barbara was receiving therapy at the penthouse after a kidnapping ordeal at the hands of her serial-killer boyfriend Jason Skolimski, she confessed to Jim's new girlfriend Leslie Thompkins that she had killed her own parents.[2] The pair got into a fight and Leslie managed to overcome Barbara and slammed her head into the floor, just as Jim entered with Harvey Bullock and Carmine Falcone. Barbara was later arrested and sent to Arkham Asylum on the grounds of insanity.[3]

Known Residents



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