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"A fabled 12th century knight who died for the cause of his futile Lord, Adam Dumas. This Dumas character was made a saint, performed a lot of miracles and so forth, and one of those miracles was bringing Azrael back to life."
Hugo Strange to Ethel Peabody[src]

Azrael is an ancient warrior held in high regard by the Order of St. Dumas, who is believed to be immortal, being over 300 years old. At present day Hugo Strange used Azrael's mythical story to brainwash a resurrected and enhanced Theo Galavan, making him believe he was the warrior.


Azrael is an ancient warrior and worthy knight who was resurrected, from the dead by Saint Dumas, to becoming a powerful warrior for the Order of St. Dumas and his story documented in their text. He was also believed to be immortal.


In the present Hugo Strange managed to resurrect Theo Galavan - a member of the Dumas family - from the dead. However, Theo lost his memories of his personality and instead retained memories of the ancient text from the Dumas book, mostly about Azrael's story. Taking advantage of this Strange convinced Theo that he was Azrael back from the dead, and giving him an alleged ancient sword (which was only created the day before) and a costume, sent him on a "quest" to kill Jim Gordon.[1]

Azrael's true blade was kept in a crypt of the Dumas family, buried with the grandfather of Theo and his sister Tabitha. Theo went there to retrieve it, where Tabitha along with Gordon and Harvey Bullock were. Tabitha got through to Theo, trying to make him remember his old life, but this had a disadvantage as he remembered his original goal in killing Bruce Wayne "The Son of Gotham" and that Tabitha left him to Gordan. He stabbed Tabitha and hospitalized her and headed to Wayne Manor to kill Bruce, but was later blown apart with a rocket launcher by Butch Gilzean.[2]


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  • In DC Comics, Azrael is the mantle for an assassin working for the Order of St. Dumas, a hereditary position passed down from father to son since medieval times. He first appeared in Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 (1992) and was created by Dennis O'Neil and Joe Quesada. Two individuals have taken on the mantle, the first being Jean-Paul Valley, who would become an apprentice of Batman and take over for him as part of Knightfall, and the second being Michael Lane.
  • The name is also associated with the Angel of Death who appears in the Hebrew Bible.


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