"You just don't learn. You still wanna take me down. I'm like the phoenix. I'll just rise again and again and again."
—Arnold Flass to Jim Gordon[src]

Arnold Flass is a corrupt detective of the Gotham City Police Department's Narcotics department and dated Kristin Kringle before her death. He was put on trial for drug dealing and corruption-related charges.


Working at the GCPD

Flass and his co-workers began appropriating the drug businesses they busted, accumulating the money and manpower to cheat their way to the top of the GCPD. Flass, who was datintold Edward Nygma to back off his girlfriend. While Edward was still in earshot, he heard Kristen tell Flass that Nygma "is so weird."[1]

When one of his drug dealers was unable to meet their quota, Flass killed him to send a message then called it in as an anonymous tip. After Harvey Bullock and James Gordon began to investigate, he told them it was a drug deal gone bad. However, Jim was convinced the murder was carried out by a cop. One of Flass's men, Derek Delaware, was caught red-handed and arrested, only to immediately be released thanks to Flass' pull in the GCPD.

After approaching Oswald Cobblepot for help, Delaware outed his boss on tape and handed over the ice pick Flass used to murder the drug dealer. Jim, with the help of Captain Essen, publicly arrested Flass and challenged the other cops to defy him.

Due to Gillian Loeb leveraging blackmail material on Harvey Bullock, Bullock testified to exonerate Flass and he was reinsatted. That is, until Jim uncovered Loeb's secret daughter, who he used to blackmail Loeb into putting Flass on trial where he was presumably found guilty.[2]


Season 1


  • The character was created by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli and first appeared in Batman #404 (February 1987), the first part of the Batman: Year One story.
  • Frequently in DC media, Arnold Flass takes the place of Jim Gordon's "crooked" police partner instead of Harvey Bullock 


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