The Arkham District is a district in Gotham City. It is the location of Arkham City, as well as Arkham Asylum, Arkham Bridge, Arkham Bridge Park, and Indian Hill.


15 years after Arkham Asylum was established in this district, the city council does a vote on what to do with the Arkham District as Carmine Falcone and Salvatore Maroni each want an involvement. Mayor Aubrey James wanted to use the plans that Thomas Wayne was going to go with. Later on, Mayor James later makes a press conference stating that Carmine Falcone will be handling the small housing developments in the Arkham District and that Salvatore Maroni will be refurbishing Arkham Asylum.[1]

The district was almost destroyed when Hugo Strange armed a bomb at Arkham Asylum on the order of The Court of Owls, but Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox managed to disable it on time.[2]

A document mentioning the Arkham District was among the newspaper clippings about the Wayne murder Bruce Wayne kept at his Manor.[3]



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  • The Arkham District map is actually a mirrored section of the city map of Vancouver in Canada.


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