Anubis was a feral, fanged dog-man who was a member of the League of Shadows. He traveled to Gotham City to hunt down Alex Winthrop for Ra's al Ghul.


Anubis is a member of the League of Shadows who alongside his handler The Hunter was enlisted by Ra's al Ghul to track down Alex Winthrop in order to get the Mesopotamian embalming knife that his grandfather Niles Winthrop was tracking. When Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon tracked Alex to the Gotham City Public Library, the three of them were attacked by Anubis and The Hunter. While Gordon fought The Hunter, Bruce and Alex ran from Anubis where they managed to get away. When at the Gotham Natural History Museum, Anubis and the Hunter tracked down Bruce and Alex just as Gordon arrived. Using a bone from one of the skeletons, Gordon threw it out the window with Anubis following it.[1]


Season 4


  • In the comics, Anubis was a minor Batman villain that first appeared in Detective Comics #262 (1958). He was a criminal mastermind who disguised himself as the Egyptian god of the underworld, calling himself "Anubis the Jackal emperor" while using Gotham City's criminal underworld as his villainous motif.
  • Whether or not intentional, Anubis' appearance and manner is very similar to a group of enemies from the 2009 video game Batman: Arkham Asylum known as the "Lunatics", a group of very feral and deranged inmates originating at the titular asylum.


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