Angel Vallelunga is a member of Delta Force and Eduardo Dorrance’s second-in-command.


Angel Vallelunga arrived in Gotham City during the Cataclysm with the rest of the Delta Force. Eduardo Dorrance introduces him to Jim Gordon as his second-in-command. After Eduardo’s true nature was revealed to Jim, and the GCPD refused to cooperate with the Delta Force; Angel, and some of the Delta Force, incarcerated them. They eventually had the tables turned on them, and were incarcerated.

Angel and the Delta Force members were later freed, and rejoined Eduardo (now known as Bane) to wage a war on Gotham. When Bruce and Selina Kyle knocked down a couple of buildings to block the army from advancing, Angel contacted the Delta Force’s employer, Nyssa al Ghul, on what to do next. Nyssa ordered them to blast through.

Bane and Angel eventually led the army against a small resistance, and were ultimately forced to surrender when the rest of the civilians arrived and the army refused to fire on innocent civilians, turning their guns on Bane and his men instead.



Expert Marksman: As a soldier, Angel is an expert with firearms.



Season 5



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