Andrew Dove is a former corrupt police officer of the Gotham City Police Department who became part of a movement dedicated to Jerome Valeska.


Joining Jerome's movement

Andrew Dove worked for the GCPD for over ten years. He helped defend the precinct when it was under attack by The Maniax led by Jerome Valeska, which left many police officers dead including their commissioner Sarah Essen (who had just been promoted from captain). Although Andrew helped to defend the department, he changed a lot and soon found himself admiring Jerome and his random acts of violence and working outside of the law.

Unknown to his colleagues at some point, Andrew became part of a movement dedicated to Jerome following his death and became an informant to their leader Dwight Pollard where he secretly called him and his assistant Gus to let him know that the police were heading his way. After their visit to the power station where Dwight was, Jim Gordon told every police officer present that the call that tipped off Dwight came from the police department and states that each phone will be traced to determined who tipped off Dwight Pollard. Realizing that the jig is up, Dove tried to run only to be grabbed by his fellow police officers and thrown into the interrogation room. Gordon and Harvey Bullock tried to get answers from even to the point where they state how the inmates of Blackgate Penitentiary are fond of police officers. Leslie Thompkins comes in and uses a truth serum on him where he revealed Dwight Pollard's plan to lead Jerome's Followers into taking Channel 9 hostage.[1]


Season 3


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