Alex Winthrop was the grandson of the late Niles Winthrop.


When Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth take their mysterious knife for inspection to Dr. Niles Winthrop. He is soon joined by Alex, who takes an interest in the knife as well and set to give him the information the next day. That night, Niles discovers a message from the symbols with something related to "The Demon's Head". According to a legend, a man had the ability to resurrect himself and went by the name of "Ra's al Ghul". Then, Ra's al Ghul arrives looking for the knife. Niles hides Alex and gives him the knife. When Niles refuses to give up the location of the knife his neck gets snapped by Ra's.

Bruce and Jim Gordon tracked Alex to the Gotham City Public Library and the three of them were quickly attacked by Anubis and The Hunter. While Gordon fought The Hunter, Alex and Bruce ran from Anubis where they managed to get away. Bruce and Alex talk and eventually Alex reveals the location of the knife to Bruce. When at the Gotham Natural History Museum, Anubis and the Hunter tracked down Bruce and Alex just as Gordon arrived. Upon Gordon and Bruce defeating Anubis and The Hunter, Ra's al Ghul had come up from behind Alex as he demands that they hand over the embalming knife. Bruce hesitates causing Ra's al Ghul to kill Alex. Ra's al Ghul is then promptly arrested. [1]


Season 4


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