For the episode named after this chemical facility, see Ace Chemicals (Episode).

Ace Chemicals is a chemical plant located in Gotham City. During No Man's Land, the area surrounding the plant was part of the Dark Zone.[1]


Ace Chemicals had supplies of liquid helium that was taken by Victor Fries, Fries had killed the cops that chased him into the building, taking the Night Janitor with him, Victor Fries left them a message saying "FREE MY WIFE".[2]

Years later, during No Man's Land, Bruce Wayne chases Jeremiah Valeska there after Valeska shot toxic chemicals into the river surrounding the city, stopping the unification. When they get there, Bruce and Jeremiah fight there until Jeremiah falls into one of the chemical vats under him, making him go into a coma.[3]

When Jeremiah kidnapped Barbara Lee he took her to Ace Chemicals. When they arrive there, Jim shows up to save his daughter and is stabbed by Jeremiah until Jeremiah defeated by The Dark Knight.


  • Unname Janitor


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  • Ace Chemicals is mostly known as the birthplace of The Joker, appearing as a big part of The Killing Joke. As a homage to this, Jeremiah Valeska ends up falling into the chemicals.
  • In the comics, Ace Chemicals is not owned by Wayne Enterprises. It is actually owned by Martha Wayne's parents Richard and Elizabeth Kane.
  • This is the second live-action appearance of Ace Chemicals, as its first live-action appearance was in the 1989 Film "Batman", It has now appeared in more live-action films and TV shows as appearing in 2016 film "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" and appearing in 2014 show "The Flash" and appeared in the 2016 film "Suicide Squad".


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