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"I have the extreme desire to never, ever see this pier again."
Edward Nygma to Oswald Cobblepot again at Gotham Docklands

"A Dark Knight: The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause" is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of Gotham. It aired on March 22, 2018.


Bullock and Gordon try to track down someone who is key in Sofia's control over Gotham. Meanwhile, Penguin, Lee and Nygma enlist an unlikely ally in the form of Victor Fries as they seek revenge. Selina asks Bruce for a favor to help rid her of her guilt over Ivy.[1]


Working with Oswald Cobblepot again, Edward Nygma rescues Martin and he delivers him to safety while Oswald escapes from Arkham, outraging Sofia and sending Victor Zsasz and Wendell to kill Penguin. Together, Oswald and Edward attempt to convince Lee Thompkins to help them but Nygma is captured by Butch Gilzean and returned to the Sirens, who take him to Sofia Falcone. However, Oswald had Victor Fries freeze him and successfully delivers Oswald in exchange for money and Oswald breaks into Sofia's mansion and follows Nygma to the pier and rescues him. Simultaneously, Sofia attempts to kill Mr. Penn since he's a witness to Sofia's schemes but Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock work together to protect him before surviving an attack from her, which leads to Lee shooting Sofia in the head, putting her into a coma. Gordon plans on confessing to the GCPD but Bullock forces him to live with the guilt instead. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle reconcile with one another when they worked together to return a necklace that Selina stole when Ivy Pepper killed Roland Charles and Barbara Kean becomes affected by Ra's al Ghul's powers.



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