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"A City Gone Mad: Sirens" is the first episode in a three part mini series set between "Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle" and "Heroes Rise: Light The Wick". It aired on May 8, 2017.


Television Host Johnny Battles and his camera crew make an attempt to interview Tabitha Galavan and Barbara Kean, but Tabitha wants a few questions answered first.[1]


A red car arrives outside Sirens Nightclub. The driver gets out and introduces himself to the audience as Johnny Battles. He explains that he is going to get an interview with Tabitha Galavan, and hopefully with Barbara Kean.

Upon entering the penthouse, the film crew meet Tabitha, who is counting money. When Tabitha sees the crew, she immediately states that they are closed. Johnny reminds her that they spoke on the phone earlier and that she agreed to the interview. Tabitha explains that if they want the interview to go ahead she needs three things: who they have interviewed, and what they have learned.

This is followed by a montage of the people that have been interviewed already, including Butch Gilzean and Nathaniel Barnes. Tabitha interrupts, telling them that she "Isn't interested." Johny, however, hooks her attention by mentioning that they found some interesting information about Dock 9C.

Tabitha then agrees to do the interview, but not in the room they are in. Johnny asks if Barbara will be available, to which the answer is yes. Just to be on the safe side, Johnny tells his assistant to "Get the escape ready". Before Johnny can begin, Tabitha reminds him that she said she needed three things. The third and final thing is that Johnny needs to pay. Johnny realizes he doesn't have his wallet, and he looks to his crew for help. The words To Be Continued appear on the screen, assuring the audience that the adventure is not over.



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