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"A City Gone Mad: Mommy's Home" is the third and final episode in a three part mini series set between "Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle" and "Heroes Rise: Light The Wick". It aired on May 18, 2017.


Barbara Kean arrives to help Tabitha Galavan interrogate Johnny Battles in order to discover more about a mysterious shadow group known as The Court.[1]


Barbara Kean enters the warehouse to the surprise of Johnny Battles and his crew. Tabitha Galavan is annoyed that Barbara is treating her as if she is her boss. After making an attempt to find out what Johnny knows about The Court and Dock 9C, Tabitha and Barbara have an argument, almost as if they have forgotten about Johnny.

Eventually, Barbara realizes that they don't have to torture Johnny at all. Seeing as Johnny's camera crew have been interviewing people all over Gotham City, the raw footage is still available. Although Johnny tries to stop them, they discover that his assistant does know where the footage is. Before they leave, Tabitha asks what they are going to do about Johnny and the camera man.

Tabitha and Barbara get into the car and contact Butch Gilzean, telling him that they have 'left him a present in the warehouse'. Butch assures them he will be there soon and they drive off with Johnny's assistant also in the car Johnny and the cameraman are left tied to a chair, where they are presumably killed when Butch arrives.


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