Alias Subject 514A
Bruce Wayne
Bruce 2
Affiliation The Court of Owls
Status Alive
First "Wrath of the Villains: Transference"
Appeared in 9 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by David Mazouz
"All I mean is that I've never had a friend. I've never had anyone. You have no idea what it's like to spend your whole life alone."
—514A to Selina Kyle[src]

514A, a.k.a Bruce Wayne's doppelgänger, is a clone of Bruce Wayne created in Indian Hill. He escaped into Gotham City, along with Professor Hugo Strange's other experiments thanks to Fish Mooney.



514A was created by Professor Hugo Strange in the research facility Indian Hill, located underneath Arkham Asylum. He was made as an exact clone of Bruce Wayne.

Escape from Indian Hill

514A was one of many Indian Hill prisoners transferred to an upstate facility under the orders of The Court. Fish Mooney hijacked the bus they were being transported in and drove it into Gotham City. However, during the escape, Butch Gilzean guns down the bus using a machine gun, under the orders of Oswald Cobblepot. Fish escapes, leaving the the prisoners to roam free in the city.[1]

Five Months Later

Around five months after the incident, Selina thought she spotted Bruce Wayne in an alley outside Lenny's Pool Hall, near South Village. This however was impossible, as Bruce was in Switzerland at the time. She quickly lost sight of Bruce's lookalike, which made Selina think she was hallucinating.[2]

Now homeless in Gotham a month later, 514A was living in an alley way when he saw Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper give some money to a street gang, before giving him money as well.

514A later approached Ivy Pepper and asked her who Bruce Wayne is and why they look identical. Confused, Ivy fled to inform Selina of Bruce's odd behavior.[3]

514A broke into Wayne Manor. He begged the real Bruce and his butler Alfred Pennyworth not to turn him over to Indian Hill and explained how he came to be. He later joined Afred in sparring, and 514A was surprised to find he can overpower him and does not feel pain from being punched in the face. That night, he cut his hair, stole a car, and invited Selina on a date.

The Doppelgänger, having modified himself to look like the real Bruce Wayne.


After wandering into a bar, Selina was taken into the back room and threatened with having her fingers cut off by the owners. While he dispatched her attackers, Selina noticed 514A's scars and realised he isn't the real Bruce.

Confronted by Bruce and Alfred, 514A claimed that Bruce doesn't know what he wants, jumped off a buiding and dissapeared into the city. Later, he was approached by Kathryn and Talon who claimed they were his real parents and bundled him into a mysterious limo.[5]

Working for the Court

514A walked with Kathryn one morning, now identical to Bruce. After memorising Bruce's childhood history, 514A was sent to Gotham to kidnap Bruce and place him in a dungeon in the mountains before taking over his identity.[6]

514A suffered from nosebleeds and, according to Kathryn, dicsovered they are the result of cell denaturing from his flawed and unstable biology. Distraught, 514A revealed his identity to Selina, who threatened to tell Alfred, and he pushed her out a window.[7]

Returning to Wayne Manor, Selina attacked again, only to be caught in the act by Alfred, who demanded answers. 514A told Alfred that Bruce is serving a greater purpose than himself and subdues him, before disappearing for a final time.[8]

Physical Appearance

514A resembles Bruce Wayne in every way, except for his slightly longer hair, a mark above his right eyebrow, and significant scarring on his torso. His scars were later repaired by the Court of Owls.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Strength: 514A demonstrated great strength by breaking the arm of a fully grown man and overpowering Alfred Pennyworth, despite his Special Forces training.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: 514A's reaction speed is inhumanly fast, enabling him to sidestep most blows from his opponents.
  • Enhanced Durability: 514A leap off a building and fell several stories without sustaining any damage.
"It really doesn't hurt?"
"No. Whatever they did to me at Indian Hill, I don't feel pain.
Selina Kyle and 514A[src]

  • Pain Immunity: 514A claims that Indian Hill's experimentation made him incapable of feeling pain, including knife wounds and burns.


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: 514A was able to subdue two fullly grown men using adaptive combat techniques, such as harnessing the environment to work against his opponent.
  • Impersonation: 514A mimicked Bruce Wayne's voice with great accuracy after hearing him say, "Sorry" to Selina. After being taken in by Court of Owls, he was formally trained to impersonate Bruce while the real Bruce was trained by the Sensei, on Ra's al Ghul's orders,


  • Limited Lifespan: Due to biological complications, 514A's physiology is unstable he is dying slowly over the course of the show. He often suffered heavy nose bleeds.


  • 514A shares similarities to the character of Lincoln March, a.k.a Owlman. He first appeared in Batman: The Court of Owls and its sequel Batman: The City of Owls, claiming to be Bruce's younger brother. Similar to 514A, March made a living on the streets before being taken in by the Court of Owls, hoping to one day assume leadership of the Wayne family.
  • Although it was stated on-screen that he was dying, it has yet to be officially confirmed that this happened to him following his disappearance.


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